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12 July 2012 Daily Media Roundup
Somalia News Highlights: Decision on New Somali Parliament Delayed; Puntland Forces Pursue Aid Worker Kidnappers Linked to Al-Shabaab; Two Policemen Injured in Mandera Al-Shabaab Ambush; Three Aid Workers Abducted in Central Somalia Taken to Pirate Town; Puntland Concluded Military Training for New Recruits; Meet the Canadian Woman Who Runs a Safe House for Al-Qaeda Suicide Bombers; Somali Refugees May Face Severe Aid Shortages; Newly Appointed AMISOM Spokesman Pledged Continued Fight Against Al-Shabaab; Chairman of Bal'ad Called For Humanitarian Aid for IDPs; Al-Shabaab Leader Denied TFG-AMISOM Claims of Capturing Laanta Buur; Al-Shabaab Claimed to have Killed TFG Soldiers in IED Attacks in Mogadishu; Bodies of 12 Foreign Troops Were Allegedly Evacuated From Mogadishu Airport; Decapitated Body of a Boy Found in Galkayo; WFP Distributed Humanitarian Aid to Mataban IDP Camps; ASWJ Executed Two Young Men in Guri-El for Alleged Murder; and TFG Vowed to Eliminate Al-Shabaab from the Entire Southern Regions.


Somali Memo - The pro-al-Shabaab website claimed that the Muslim people of Juba regions have requested from the Hobyo pirate group who kidnapped the two infidel Kenyan Aid workers to be handed over to the al-Shabaab Mujahideens to avenge for the Kenyan infidel troops who invaded the Muslim nation.Somali Language


Voice Of America - A constituent assembly tasked with choosing the members of Somalia's next parliament will not convene on schedule, due to tribal elders' concerns about the country's draft constitution. In what appears to be a play for more political power, the elders are withholding the names of candidates for the new assembly. An 825-member National Constituent Assembly representing a broad range of Somali political factions was scheduled to meet Thursday in Mogadishu to begin its work selecting members of Somalia's parliament. But a council of tribal elders responsible for selecting members of the constituent assembly have refused to release the names. Mohamed Hassan Haad, the chairman of the Hawiye clan elders, said this is a way for the elders to exert more influence over the transition process. "Actually we have all the names," Haad said, "but elders were saying to each other if they present the names everything will be in the hands of the parliament and nothing will remain for the elders to talk and be consulted about."


Garowe Online - New details have emerged in the kidnapping of Kenyan aid workers in the region of Mudug on Wednesday as Puntland forces pursue the kidnappers, Garowe Online reports. The three aid workers who were working for International Aid Services (IAS) were en-route to Garowe after assessing Harfo, Ba’adweyn and Rooh a village off the main tarmac road when they were ambushed near a bushy area 6kms north of Ba’adweyn at around 3:30 pm. "Puntland security forces have been pursuing the kidnappers since Wednesday evening, covering a distance of over 200km of unpaved roads. Government intelligence has confirmed that the kidnappers have escaped towards Hobyo district, outside of Puntland jurisdiction," read the press release.

Capital FM - Two police officers were shot and seriously wounded on Thursday morning in an attack blamed on Al Shabaab militiamen in Mandera. The officers were in a group of three headed back to Garissa when the militants attacked them in Arabia area, a few kilometers from the border with Somalia. Those in the vehicle included the area deputy police Chief John Mbaluka, his driver and another officer. "The officers were attacked while on patrol; they have been taken to hospital," a senior officer in the region said.

Associated Press - An aid group says three of its workers have been kidnapped by armed men in central Somalia. The group International Aid Services said one Somalia staffer was shot and critically injured during the Wednesday attack. The group said three Kenyan workers were taken. However, a resident, Mohamed Sheikh Abdi, said Thursday that the gunmen kidnapped two Kenyans and a Somali translator. A government official who said he was not allowed to be quoted by name said the three were being taken to Garaad, a town used by Somali pirates. Somali pirates have increased kidnappings in recent years as a way to win ransom payments.

Garowe Online - Puntland government concluded a military training for Dervish forces at Garowe today. The closing ceremony was attended by the Puntland President Abdirahman Farole and other high-ranking officials including diplomats from the Ethiopian Consulate. The Puntland president urged the newly soldiers to defend their country and play a greater role in improving the security of Puntland State. Somali Language

The Toronto Star - A Canadian woman at the centre of Somalia’s Al Qaeda is known among the intelligence agencies that track her and the foreign militants who praise her simply as "Mama Shabaab." It is an honorific title for former Toronto resident Fadumo Jama, who intelligence agencies allege is the den mother of al Shabab who runs a safe house for Western fighters recruited into the militant Islamic organization. Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Richard Fadden told a Senate committee earlier this year that this was an emerging trend. "There is increasing potential for more women in Canada to become radicalized as injunctions against female participation in violent jihad have begun to disappear from extremist websites," he said.


Voice Of America - Aid agencies warn that tens of thousands of lives may be at risk as supplies run out at the world’s largest refugee camp. They say 25 million dollars in emergency funds are needed for humanitarian operations at Kenya’s Dadaab camp. Aid agencies say funding has not kept pace with the growing needs at Dadaab. Oxfam spokesman Alun McDonald said the funds are needed in the next two or three months. "One year ago we had this massive influx of people from Somalia fleeing the famine and the conflict that were taking place inside Somalia. And the pictures of people arriving in the camp having walked for weeks across the desert with no food and water really captured the world’s attention, and got of a lot of attention on Dadaab. But then a year later a lot of that attention has faded away," he said.


Radio Mogadishu - A pro-government radio station

The newly appointed AMISOM Spokesman Colonel Ali Aden talked about the recent military developments against al-Shabaab militias in Lower Shabelle region and the capture of No-50 airport and Laanta-Buuro military camp. The spokesman stated that the recent military operation have successfully concluded and the defeated al-Shabaab militias. “The security operation ended successfully and our plan is to go forward and liberate the other areas." The AMISOM Spokesman stated that they killed al-Shabaab fighters in Laanta-buuro, adding that the peacekeepers made bases in the liberated areas.

The Chairman of Bal'ad district in Middle Shabelle region Osman Hadoole appealed to aid agencies and the Somali government to immediately bring relief aid to the residents of Balcad district. Mr. Handoole claimed that the people of the area are suffering hunger and diseases since al-Shabaab militias banned the aid agencies during their period and the agencies did not operate in the region over the last several years.

Radio Andalus - A pro-al-Shabaab radio station

Heavy fighting between al-Shabaab Mujahideen fighters against the infidels and their slaves broke out in Hawo-Abdi village, Laanta-Buur and Afgooye town in Lower Shabelle region on Wednesday night. The heaviest fighting took place in Hawo-Abdi village and the Mujahideens briefly controlled the infidels’ bases in that village. The chairman of Lower Shabelle Sheikh Abu Abdalla stated that the Mujahideen fighters are still in their defense bases in the region and the infidels failed to bush them from the area. He vowed that the Mujahideens have a commitment to defend the country from the international enemy of the Islam.

Radio Al-Furqaan - A pro-al-Shabaab radio station

At least five TFG soldiers were killed and two others were seriously injured after heavy explosions targeted where they were collecting bribes from motorists in Gubta village of Mogadishu on Thursday. Reports indicate that the militias conducted operations in the area after the explosion and captured many people from the area.

Confidential sources in Mogadishu airport indicate to Radio al-Furqaan that an airplane on Thursday evacuated the bodies of 12 foreign troops that were killed over the last 24 hours in the Lower Shabelle region. Al-Shabaab Mujahideen military officials on Thursday said that dozens of the foreign troops were killed after the attacked al-Shabaab bases in Lower Shabelle region on Wednesday.

Radio Bar-Kulan - An independent radio station

Locals in Galkayo were today shocked after the headless body of a teenage boy was found dumped in the southern side of the city. Confirming the incident, Galmudug's Police Chief Col. Mohamed Noor Ali stated that the grim discovery was first reported by local quarry workers who later informed the police. He said police are now investigating the incident to determine the perpetrators of this brutal killing.

ASWJ administration in Mataban district has hailed WFP’s decision to resume its humanitarian operation in the district after suspending its activities in the district following the killing of two of its staff in last February. The area district commissioner Abdirahman Abdi Mohamed said the resumption of the organization’s work in the district will help tackle humanitarian crisis facing locals in the area. Mohamed said the district is home to over 8,000 IDPs living in seven IDP camps.

Radio Shabelle - An independent radio station

ASWJ administration on Thursday carried out an execution against two men in the town of Guri’el. The two men, reportedly teenagers, were accused of murdering a father and his son in the town under unknown circumstances. "Today we executed two men charged with killing. Both were publicly shot dead in a square in Guri’el town of Galgadud region in accordance with Islamic law," said ASWJ official. ASWJ militiamen announced the execution with loudspeakers as they walked through town's streets and ordered residents to witness the execution.

The Chief of the Somali Armed Forces General Abdikarin Yusuf Dhega-badan who is commanding the military operations against al-Shabaab militants, on Wednesday vowed to take over rebel-held areas in Lower Shabelle region. Giving an interview to Shabelle Radio, General Abdikarim stated that TFG forces are expanding their takeover against al-Shabaab controlled area in Lower Shabelle region, a day after Somali troops with the support of AMISOM forces seized Lanta-Buro and Km-50, a training camp by the Al Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabaab “God willing, we shall liberate soon all areas under al-Shabaab control in south and central Somalia. I thank mothers, intellectuals and all the public for helping the Somali national army fighting with the militants,” he said. He stressed that Somali and AU forces are moving towards the seaside Marka town, the provincial capital of Lower Shabelle region, some 110 kilometers south of Mogadishu.