About Us
Somalia Report is a privately funded, non-partisan website that hires Western editors to work with over 140 Somali journalists inside the country to cover all aspects of the region: piracy, conflict, terrorism, government, local news, culture and key issues. The hour-by-hour coverage is targeted to professionals who need expertise, situational awareness and in-depth background to breaking news.

We also hope that the diaspora, local Somalis and students will learn more about the situation on the ground. If you feel we are ignoring or not paying attention to a specific topic, region or issue please let us know. Somalia Report was created by Robert Young Pelton, author of The World's Most Dangerous Places. This news service is the latest in his efforts to make news coverage immediate, local and useful. Somalia Report is currently funded entirely by Pelton and is free of charge. We currently provide subscription content and research to customers. We are proud to support a new generation of eager Somalis by giving them a platform to provide facts, insight and relevance.

Our stories provide unparalleled front-row seat into events and access to people rarely covered in the news. Coverage comes from inside al-Shabaab, pirate groups and the turbulent governments, to help those who work in the Horn of Africa to form educated opinions. Somalia Report also draws upon international, regional and local experts to provide commentary and insight of the issues.

Our network and staff are available for custom reporting on critical issues related to humanitarian work, the maritime scene, security, the political climate and investment risk in the Horn of Africa.

Spend a week with us and we think you will not find a better source for news from inside Somalia.