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Nunow Defends Parliament's 3 Year Extension
Interview With The Chairman of the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee
The Chairman of the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee, which is widely believed to have masterminded the decision to extend the term of Somalia’s Transitional Parliament by three years, has defended the decision.

In an exclusive interview with Somalia Report, Hon, Madobe Nunow Mohamed, said the decision was made in the interest of the Somali people. He said the decision has averted a possible crisis that was in the offing if the TFG mandate expired.

“Without an existing parliament and a government we will have a vacuum. So many people make noise about the decision but it is one that is legal and made in a sober manner,” said Nunow.

He explained that under the current arrangement, parliament will remain to decide who takes power when the TFG term expires in August. He said parliament will fill the elective post which will avert any possible crisis.

“The existence of an effective parliament will oversee the transition in to a new administration, and then we will have Somalia back and running,” declared Nunow.

He said the power vacuum which could have been resulted without the existence of parliament could have seen the AU peacekeepers in Somalia withdrawn.

“Now we have a strong AU troops in Somalia, if the parliament term expired then the troops will leave Somalia and then will go back to the dark days of 1992 when Somalia was in total anarchy,” he added.

Last month, the decision by the transitional parliament to extend it is term made headlines with the international community saying it was heavily opposed to the move. The mandate of Somalia Transitional Government and parliament is set to expire in August. According to the TFG charter, parliament cannot pass legislation six months before it is term ends.

The Somali President Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed has distanced himself from the decision of the MPs.

Mr. Nunow, who served as the Minister for Constitutional and Federal Affairs, trashed the accusations leveled against the parliament for extending it is term. He said foreigners want the parliament dissolved for them to host another reconciliation conference.

“Somali’s have proverb which says ‘hundred will suggest a cure for a sick man’, that is the situation Somalis find themselves in. Our country is struggling and everyone has a suggestion laden with their hidden agenda,” he said.