Relief SCENE:Food
Expired Food Seized in Mogadishu Port
TFG Vows to Punish Those Responsible
Expired food was today seized and 22 people were arrested in the port of Mogadishu after TFG officials were informed that Somali traders were responsible.

Bandir General Secretary Abdi Kafi Hilowle Isman confirmed to Somalia Report that they will not allow any expired food to sell to be sold in Mogadishu markets.

TFG officials confirmed that the food, including rice, floor, spaghetti and maize, expired two months ago.

“How come that expired food is being sold to innocent civilians? Who will take the responsibility if people die after eating expired food? We are really not happy to see this,“ said the secretary general.

He added that the TFG investigative department will continue to arrest any businessman selling or buying expired food and charge them in court.

“We don’t know where the food come from but we have seen it in the markets then inside the port so the administration of the port will be responsible,“ said Mr. Isman.

Banadir officials vowed that their administration will not tolerate this to happen again and encouraged Mogadishu port administration to be very attentive to what the traders are importing.