Relief SCENE:Refugees
Two IDPs Killed in Food Rush
Al-Shabaab Militants Opened Fire, Say Witnesses
Two internally displaced have been killed and three injured in El-Ma'an village when militants from al-Shabaab opened fire on people clamoring for food, internally displaced people said.

“A pregnant woman and a man died when al-Shabaab militia fired us as we were waiting food aid," Asha Osman, who was waiting for food from the militants, told Somalia Report.

Another IDP said his father was injured in the same incident.

There was no comment from al-Shabaab on the allegations.

There have been several cases of IDPs being shot as they queue for food aid amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis, but all previous incidents have come in TFG-controlled territory as pro-government forces loot aid.

As if the displaced didn't have enough problems, eight of them died during heavy rain in Mogadishu, witnesses told Somalia Report.