Relief SCENE:Drought
UN Intervention is Solution for Somalia
Interview with Chairman of the Center for Peace and Community Development
Abdurahman Noor Mohamed

The only solution for the ongoing drought and famine ravaging Somalia is through a United Nations military intervention, said the Chairman of the Mogadishu-based Center for Peace and Community Development, Abdurahman Noor Mohamed (known as Diinari), in an interivew with Somalia Report after meeting with elders from across Somalia.

How many UN troops will be needed to solve the drought problem?

I can’t point to any specific figure but it’s important to get UN troops coming from Islamic countries which can handle the security of south central Somalia. If this happens I am sure that the drought victims who live the regions will stay alive.

What would be the mission of those troops?

Their mission would be restoring security and then be a part of food distribution program through airlifts.

Where would the troops be based?

Mogadishu is the heart of the country and it’s the capital so the troops should be based there.

How would they work with African Union forces (AMISOM) and the government troops who are already trying to secure the country?

They will cooperate with them no matter if AMISOM forces become part of the UN troops. Their mandate would have to be changed.

Who would be in charge for those troops?

Turkey should be in charge of those troops because Turkish government is currently working hard to help the Somali people. I am sure if the Turkish government leads this mission the operation will be successful.