Relief SCENE:Drought
Malaria Kills Ten in Bay Region
Famine Victims Susceptible to Other Illnesses
By AWEYS CADDE 09/14/2011
At least ten people have died of malaria in the al-Shabaab-controlled town of Baidoa in Bay region, while more than 50 are in hospital with the illness.

“Ten people, including seven children, two old women and one man have died over the last three days,” Abdi Madey, a Baidoa heath worker, told Somalia Report. “53 others are suffering and they could increase because people don’t have nets to keep away mosquitoes.”

Madey stated that other cases of malaria have reported in Diinsorr, Iidaale, Gofgadud, Daynunay, Berdale and Yurkut villages of Bay region, but said that he don’t have exact number of deaths.

The worst drought in decades has displaced thousands of Somali people and affected millions, while the United Nation declared state of famine in southern regions including Bay, Bakol, Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle and Banadir regions.

Famine victims are more susceptible to other illnesses, such as malaria and measles, due to their weakened state.