Relief SCENE:Security
TFG Policeman Kills IDPs in Mogadishu
7 Dead While Waiting for Food Aid
By AWEYS CADDE 09/08/2011
A policeman from the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) has shot and killed at least seven internally displaced people (IDPs) who were receiving food aid in Waberi district of Mogadishu on Thursday.

“The policeman was there for a while and then he unexpectedly shot at the people who were there to receive aid, killing six and injuring one,” eyewitness Gurey Nur told Somalia Report.

The reason behind the killing is still unknown, but the administration of Banadir region detained the suspect and said they will present him in the military court.

“We arrested the killer and will ask him questions,” Abdi Kafi Hilowle, the deputy chairman of Bnadir region told Somalia Report. He added that the policeman wanted to rob the food aid meant for the displaced people.

The distribution of food aid has been suspended and the IDPs fled the area.

TFG officials have not yet commented on the incident, however, they recently established a special security force to safeguard and protect the food aid meant for the displaced people.

This isn’t the first time that TFG soldiers killed civilians who were receiving food aid in their camps in Mogadishu. Last month ten died as TFG forces fired on IDPs in Badbaado camp in Dharkinley district.