Relief SCENE:Drought
Cows Search for Food, Water in Mogadishu
Herders Forced to Bring Cattle to Capital to Survive
By MOHAMED ODOWA 08/22/2011
Starving Cows in Mogadishu
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Starving Cows in Mogadishu

Drought-affected pastoralists and their animals have been migrating from the countryside to the capital city of Mogadishu, joining tens of thousands of others fleeing famine.

Cattle could be seen in arriving in the capital eating garbage.

Cattle herders told Somalia Report they lost hundreds of their animals, including camels and goats, following the impact of the drought in the areas of Middle Shabelle.

“More than 200 cattle owned by me perished in the last two months in areas between Jowhar and Bal-ad in the Middle Shabelle region," Omar Ahmed Adani told Somalia Report.

“We had never seen this kind of tragedy in our region, people like me who still remained in the areas of Adale, and Darmoley in Middle Shabelle were really flabbergasted, he added. “The prolonged drought may expel every pastoralist from those areas."

The exodus of herders and their animals to the capital is expected to gather pace, the pastoralists said.