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IDPs Create Dilemma: Too Risky to Assist?
Mogadishu IDP Camp
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Mogadishu IDP Camp

The children sit in a makeshift tent made from twigs, tattered sacks and worn out polythene bags, that lets in rays of the scorching sun, and water when it rains. Their mother left early in the morning to beg for food. Al-Shabaab militants killed their father at a food distribution centre when the militiamen thought the rations would get finished before they got their share.

“Move. You have stayed here for too long,” an armed African Union peacekeeper says. It’s an order to stop offering the few remaining biscuits to hungry children and move away from them, for the sake of our security.

“This is a danger zone. You can’t go near the tents alone. You can’t get close to the displaced person. You have to be near an armed soldier if on foot....

Refugees Fleeing Somalia Detained in Tanzania Face Difficult Circumstances
Influx of IDPs Drives Up Cost of Living
President Vows to Assist IDPs, Take Action Against Looters
Three Somali Women Arrested in Dadaab Refugee Camp
15 Dead From Cholera, Malaria in Last Weeks
Lower Juba Residents Ignoring Al-Shabaab Directives to Run
Witnesses Say TFG Soldiers Killed 5, Government Denies Claim
The Small Community Fled to Somalia in 2000
Al-Shabaab Militants Opened Fire, Say Witnesses
Sexual Predators Target Refugees for Rape on Outskirts of Dadaab
Child Dies in Desperate Crush for Food
IDPs Report Severe Abuse and Looting in Badbaado Camp
First Airlift to Capital in Five Years
Group Died of Thirst During Long Trek, Say Officials
Official Says New Camps May Fuel Conflicts
Travel Firm Accused Of Sneaking People To Kenya, Ethiopia
Desperate Refugee Hordes Living in Squalor on Outskirts of Camp
800 Children, Many Malnourished, Arrive Each Day
Attack Raises Issue of Insecurity in Somali Refugee Camp
75 Ethiopian Emigrants Also Arrested Attempting Yemen Crossing
Somali and Ethiopian Migrants Rounded up in Mozambique
Somali Refugees Realize Dream Through Online Studies at US Institutions
More Projects Planned by Daryeel Bulsho Guud
'Invisible War Victims' Suffer from War Wounds in IDP Camps
Claims International Warship Refused To Help Desperate Somalis
Displaced, Bereft Of Aid, Brave Shells To Beg In Mogadishu
New Smuggling Route From Kenya To South Africa
Kenya Growing Less Keen To Take In Aslyum Seekers
Madera IDP Camps Closed in Kenya
Al Shabaab Refuses Desperately Needed Aid to Displaced People
Kenyans Complains About Sealed Border, Inability To Trade Goods
Aid Workers Originally Taken Hostage From Dadaab Refugee Camp
Rescued NRC Staff - Qurat-Ul-Ain Sadazi, Steven Dennis, Glenn Costes and Astrid Sehl
Rescued NRC Staff - Qurat-Ul-Ain Sadazi, Steven Dennis, Glenn Costes and Astrid Sehl
Four aid workers from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) who were taken hostages from Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp last Friday have been rescued unharmed inside Somalia, witnesses and government military commanders have confirmed.

"We are thankful to know that our four colleagues have been found and safely returned to Kenya. This is a day of relief for us and for the families of the abducted," says Elisabeth Rasmusson, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council in statement.

NRC identified...

Beseiged City May Crumble Under al-Shabaab Pressure
Officials Assess the Levels of Humanitarian Need in IDP Camps
Mogadishu’s IDPS Tire of Temporary Sanctuaries
Refugee Health of Children Mothers and Elderly At Risk; Schools Also Closed
MSF Logistics Officer Arrested and Charged With Killings
Police Arrest Two Suspected Al-Shabaab Militants in Security Crackdown
Al-Shabaab Warns of Tough Action Against Aid Agencies That Don't Help
Serious Food Deliveries Still Weeks Away
Anorexic Sent To Cover Famine Stirs Up Controversy
Major Famine Relief Agencies Listed By Group
24 People Died In The Last 2 Days In Gawan Village
Seven Children Reported Among the Dead
IDP family waiting for aid
Somalia Report
IDP family waiting for aid

26 people, including seven children, have died following an outbreak of cholera and measles in the south-central region of Middle Shabelle. Medical sources in the region say the situation may worsen if urgent action is not taken. Most of the deceased children are said to have died due to inadequate treatment.

Nurse Yasmiin Ahmed Hassan, who works at a local voluntary clinic in the outskirts of Mogadishu, spoke to Somalia Report.

“There are increasing numbers of people who have different diseases coming to us every day and every night, but cholera and measles patients have been the most common since last month. We have also high rates of acutely malnourished people, specially women and children, on...

Mogadishu's Problems with Expired Medication
23 Children Died at Beled-Weyne's IDP Camp in 48 Hours
More Than 100 Children Have Died in Past Two Months
African Union Offers to Help SOS Hospital Reopen
Ministry of Sports Establishes Feeding Center
765,000 Kids to be Vaccinated Against Measles and Polio
Coming Rains Risk Lives of Malnourished Somalis
Doctors have Treated an Estimate of 1500 People
Too Many Patients and Not Enough Supplies Are Typical
Fears Disease Could Spread if Lepers Go in Search of Food
UAE Also Funds Water Drilling Truck, Begins Project in Villa Somalia
Al-Shabaab Arrest Local Worker for Unknown Reasons
Health Secretary, Doctors, Residents Beg World for Immediate Help
World Heath Organization Advocates Chain–Free Initiative
TFG Big on Promises, Light on Action in Helping Mogadishu's IDPs
Somalia's Healthcare Crisis Grows Worse as Professionals Flee Conflict
Post Traumatic Stress and Drug Abuse on the Rise in Nairobi's Eastleigh District
Puntland Health Ministry Says Infections Up
Ethiopian Protestors Arrested
African Development Solutions Better Expresses Growth And Future of Aid Agency
Degan Ali and Fatima Jibrell of ADESO, formerly Horn Relief
Aweys Cadde
Degan Ali and Fatima Jibrell of ADESO, formerly Horn Relief
The Horn Relief aid organization has announced that they have changed their name to ADESO (African Development Solutions) after two decades of operations in East Africa. The announcement was made at a 20th anniversary celebration held in Nairobi on Thursday, attended by more than 180 representatives from governments, diplomatic missions, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private sector participants.

“Over 20 years ago, we began our work in one town, in Badhan, Somalia. Now we are working with communities in three African countries: Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan. We are a very different organization today than we were in 1991,” said Degan Ali, ADESO’s Executive Director. “We touch countless lives in Kenya and Somalia: women, youth and pastoralists, as well as returning refugees in South Sudan. Having worked with this new brand for over a year now, we feel it best captures where we came from, our growth, and where we are today,” she added.

“Today, we are bringing yet another change to the organization by adopting a...

50 Cent in Gedo with World Food Programme
Militants Destroy Aid Rations, ICRC Hits Back
MSF Aid Workers Held By Al-Shabaab In Lower Shabelle, One Aid Worker Was Wounded
Move Comes as List of 16 Banned Agencies Published
Accuses NGO of Supporting Al-Shabaab
A Profile of SAACID's Efforts in Mogadishu
Help Us Find NGOs Who Do Not Deliver on Their Promises
Aid Agencies Say the Move is Only Temporary Due to Rising Insecurity
IDP Camp
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IDP Camp

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in Buulo Kantarol camp in southern Galkayo of Somalia's Galmudug region are suffering from severe food shortages and lack of shelter now that aid workers have suspended operations due to rising security concerns, according to IDPs who spoke to Somalia Report.

Mohamed Askar, a father of five kids living in a makeshift house in the camp, explained how dire the situation has become.

"I have five kids and they need me to take care of them, but how? I can't get work that will generate enough money to take care of them. I have donkey cart and I get little money from it. We used to get some food from aid workers, but for a while we have not received food from them. They left us with no food, no water and...

Blast Hits Badbaado Camp, IDPs Flee
Police Seem Unable to Stop Wave of Violence
32 IDP Camps to be Moved for Security Reasons
Refugees Start Own Security Teams to Patrol Against Presence of Al-Shabaab
UNHCR and DRC Helping to Improve Living Conditions for IDPs
2 IDPs Killed, 4 Wounded in Shooting Over Relief Aid
IDP Camps in Mogadishu Fear Rampant Looting and Threats From Troops
TFG Argues Ban Intended to Punish Kenya, Will Harm IDPs Instead
In-fighting Breaks Out Between Government Soldiers at Badbaado IDP Camp
Aid Official Worried About Looting
The Spanish Aid Workers Were Kidnapped In Kenya
MSF Employees Believed to Be Spanish
Aid Workers Not Allowed to Travel to Al-Shabaab Areas for Security Reasons
Militants Vow to Arrest Anyone Fleeing to Refugee Camps in Kenya or Ethiopia
7 Dead While Waiting for Food Aid
One Person Killed, Three Wounded as Aid Stolen
Army Blames Militia in Disguise
Suspected Men Attempted To Rape Women In Badbaado IDP Camp
Another Famine, Another War. What Did America Learn From 1993?
Over 50 Families Homeless After Attack
Youths Storm Police Station to Protest Demolition of Refugee Businesses
Nowhere Safe: Refugees Face Violence in Both Somalia and Yemen
Drought Largest Cause Of Displacement
57 Presumed Dead While Crossing Gulf of Aden to Yemen
Gang members arrested, jailed
Breaking News
Tragedy Strikes IDP Camp in Galgudud
Child playing mortar shell (File Photo)
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Child playing mortar shell (File Photo)
At least three young children, who were living in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) in Bali-Jiir village of Galgadud region, lost their lives this evening after a landmine they were playing with exploded, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to Somalia Report.

“The children were playing with an explosive device which attracted them like a toy, but they were killed immediately. I heard the blast and saw the smoke, frightening me," said Abdullahi Hussein, an IDP in the camp.

Two other young children survived the blast and are suffering from shock, added Mr. Hussein blaming the rising mounds of trash for the accident.

"There is rubbish everywhere in the camp, some of which includes military debris, and there is nobody coming to clean it," complained the...

24 Killed Since October, Others Injured, Raped and Recruited
Only 2,200 Orphans Getting Help While 37,800 Others Suffer
Deaths Set to Grow Amid Famine, Disease, says UNICEF
Child Says Recruited by Al-Shabaab and TFG
Forced Recruitment, Death and No Education Face Youth
Part of Wider UNICEF Plans to Boost Female Education
At Least 25 Dead This Year From Complications
735 Children Treated or Succumbed to Trauma in Mogadishu During May
No Reason Given For Move
An Interview with Save Somali Women and Children's Exective Director
Situation In Somalia Worst In World
Conditions Still Dire
Relief Supplies from Kuwait
Relief Supplies from Kuwait

The United Nations (UN) has declared the end of famine in Somalia, six months after it announced a deadly drought in the Horn of Africa.

According to the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU), the situation in Somalia is beginning to normalize in most parts of the country following the long-awaited rains leading to substantial harvests and humanitarian assistance. However, the crisis is not over yet. A few areas lack access to food assistance.

The number of people in need of emergency humanitarian assistance in Somalia has dropped from 4 million to 2.3 million, 31 percent of the population.

In July, last year, the UN declared the worst drought catastrophe across the Horn of Afric...

Aid Distribution Temporarily Halted After Group is Blocked by Militants
Somalia Report Interviews Director Sharif Mohamed Abdalle
Local NGO Official Seized Then Released After Elders Negotiate with Al-Shabaab
TFG Vows to Punish Those Responsible
Days After Qaddafi's Death, Transitional Government Already Helping Neighbors
Al-Qaeda Officially Supports Al-Shabaab
Al-shabaab Officials Denied, Accusing Government of Banning Aids
Turkey Sends Delegation, Supplies to Somalia, Travels to Lower Shabelle
TFG and ASWJ Troops Guard UNICEF Supplies
Locals Complain of Looting, Harassment by Government and Ras Kamboni Troops
OIC pledges $350 Million for Drought-stricken Somalia
Drought, Lack of Manpower, Reliance on Aid Permanently Damage Farming Industry
IDP Camps of Afgoye Corrider and Lower Shabelle Included
Kuwait Supplies and South African NGO Aim to Assist Starving Somalis
WFP Hopes to Deliver Aid to Starving Somalis by Wednesday
At Least 460 Children Dead This Year Due to Drought
Tarsan Accuses UN of Giving Somalis 40 Year Old Stored Food, Displacing Somalis
Misunderstanding Causes Massive Looting, Injuries at Ifo Camp in Kenya
Food Rations Cut As $46 Million Is Needed To Feed 1.2 million Somalis
Blind and Disabled Receive $8 Each In Aliyale Village, Bal'ad District
New Report Details Heightened Impact on Somalis
Streets Calm But Al Shabaab Controlled Areas Suffering
Mark Bowden to Assess Humanitarian Needs
UN declares drought over in Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle
IDP Camp in Mogadishu
IDP Camp in Mogadishu

More than 100 families have bid Mogadishu farewell as a part of the ongoing resettlement program initiated by the Somali government and Muslim countries.

Muslim countries including Iran, Turkey and Kuwait are some of the nations that have shipped aid to drought-ravaged Somalia.

Turkish and Iranian aid agencies currently manage many of the camps in the capital Mogadishu as well as offering medical facilities to thousands of internally displaced people (IDP).

Iran Red Crescent on Tuesday began the process of returning the displaced persons to their regions after the United Nations declared three regions southern Somalia regions -- namely Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle -- as no longer experiencing famine conditions, as of November 18th.

The head of the resettlement...

Aid Agency Warns Conflict Could Ruin Gains
Gedo Region Neglected, Says Group
5,000 Tons to Reach Famine Victims
Relief Program 24% Short of Goal And Need Is Expected to Increase.
$3 Per Container Highest in Somalia
Interview with Chairman of the Center for Peace and Community Development
Officials Urge Aid Agencies to Improve Agricultural Sectors
Famine Victims Susceptible to Other Illnesses
Looted, Stolen and Re-Sold Food Widely Available in Mogadishu
He Says Dadaab Refugee Camp is Overcrowded, a Threat to Security
Leaders Disucss Relief, Security, Development at Two Day Summit in Nairobi
Horn of Africa Crisis Summit Begins in Nairobi
750,000 People Facing Death in Next Four Months
Poor Turnout as $350 Million Pledged
60 New Patients Registered Each Day
Iranian Delegation Latest in Glut of Foreign Visitors
Deforestation Contributing Factor to Famine, Say Experts
Herders Forced to Bring Cattle to Capital to Survive
Visit Intended to Rally Muslim Aid, Show Improved Security
Pledges £25 Million To UNICEF
Trying to Overcome Looting, Lack of Funds, Shortage of Supplies and Curses
Somalia’s Complex System of Survival Destroyed By More Than Lack of Rain
Government Forces Open Fire as They Loot, Businessmen Steal 8 Trucks of Food
Calls For Increased Donor Response
Militants Accept 'Compulsory Donations' From Local Residents, Businesses
Money to Target Immediate Relief, Long-Term Preparedness
Aid Agency Says More to Follow
Official Says Foreign Aid Welcome, But Some Say Payments Being Made
Tens of Thousands Dead Due to Malnutrition
Says Move Designed to Stop Individuals Posing as Aid Workers
Pro-al-Shabaab Media Advocates for Humanitarian Assistance
Young Women Fleeing Drought Allegedly Targeted
Kenya Promises to Open New Camp for Refugees
IDPs Relocated From Mogadishu as Bowden Calls for International Assistance
Italian Delegation in Mogadishu
Move Presents Win-Win Scenario for Insurgent Group
Deaths Mounting as Tens of Thousands Flee
Neither Al-Shabaab nor Police Want IDPs in Mogadishu, Arrests Made
€5.67 Million Aimed at Helping Deal With Massive Refugee Influx
Drought Forces Families to Seek Shelter in Abandoned Building, Need Assistance
Residents Feel 'Helpless' as Supplies Run Low
Water Prices Soar, Livestock Dying in Record Numbers
Cultivated Land Devastated, Homes Destroyed
Meets PM in Mogadishu, Says Resources Lacking
Poor Rains Could Worsen Drought, Raise Prices
Drought-Hit Locals Elated With Development
Chairman of Drought Prevention Resigns Amid Division, Death, Failure
At Least 28 Dead, Locals Say
AMISOM Digs Six Wells in Mogadishu
Drought Overrides Ideological Concerns
Trucks Carrying Desperately Needed Food Stuck for 8 Days Forcing Up Food Prices
Flooded Somali Village  (File Photo)
Flooded Somali Village (File Photo)

More than 45 trucks loaded with food and en-route to Somalia's southern regions of Bay, Gedo and Lower Juba were reportedly stranded by floods caused by weeks of rain and fighting between insurgents and government forces.

"We saw 29 heavy commercial trucks loaded with sugar, rice, floor and oil stopped by the floods in Qansaxdhere in Bay and Lower Juba Regions," witnesses said.

Trucks drivers Ali Jamac Gagale, Abdi Alasow, Mohamed Tagane, and Moumin Tohow told Somalia Report that the floods affected the already rough roads and they had difficulty in reaching other towns quickly.

"We stayed here in this forest area between Gedo and Bay for eight days. There are 21 trucks here...

No Relief for IDPs in Somalia
Twelve Others Remain Unknown
Urgent Help Needed for Residents, Heath Problems Increase
Camp Director Misappopriates Food Supplies, Refugees Complain
Fadtuma Abtidon Mahamad
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Fadtuma Abtidon Mahamad

Recently there were complaints from the people in the internally displaced camps (IDP) in and around Guri-el town, Galgadud region who fled their homes due to drought and war. To find out more than about their conditions, Somalia Report visited the camps and interviewed some of people especially women including Fatima Abtidon Muhammad and Hadsan Mohammed abdi.

How the situation of life in particular camp?

My name is Fatuma Abtidon Muhumad and I am the occupant of Damao camp. Really life in this camp is extremely difficult and we always concerned about about life in this place it gets worse by the day.

Can you precisely tell me what you complaints are?

Our main complaints are that aid organization are not bringing enough supplies of food. The little they send are misappropriated by landlord who is also the head of the camps. When we try to complain to authorities against our landlords they threaten us to throw us out out of the camps.

Hadsan Mahamud Abdi
©Somalia Report
Hadsan Mahamud Abdi

Where did the most of the people in this camps come from originally?

My name is Hadsan Muhamud Abdi. Most of the people here all lost their animals to drought while the rest are people displaced by the war in other areas of the country.

Is there any request that would like make?

Yes, we request any form of help especially things such water, food and shelter which are the basic needs.