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Somalia News Highlights:

US, UN Concerned Over Corrupt Somali Transition; UN Envoy Says Spoilers Must Not Disrupt Somalia’s Peaceful Transition; UN Warns Civilians About Anticipated Attack on Somali Port; Al-Shabaab in Somalia Still a Threat to Peace in Spite of Decline; Anti-Piracy Operations Continue in Puntland State of Somalia; Somali Pirates; Somalia Bans Mutilating Girls; Somali President Disappointed With His Prime Minister As Presidential Candidate; New Mogadishu University Established By Turkish Aid Agency; Al-Shabaab Claimed To Have Killed Over 10 TFG Soldiers at...

Somalia Report Welcomes Author of "Pirates of Somalia" as New Managing Editor
Graphic Images Serve to Bring Home the Realities
Radio and Twitter Are Favorites of the Militants
Al-Shabaab Official Interviewed
Al-Shabaab Official Interviewed
As part of Somalia Report's series on the media landscape of Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland, today we investigate al-Shabaab's media outlets.

In 2009, the first radio station established by al-Shabaab, the hardline Islamic group battling for control of Somalia, was based in the port city of Kismayo to propagate the views of the hardliners and try to sell their ideas to the population.

The establishment of the radio station came after the owners of private radio stations in Mogadishu agreed not to publicise or broadcast stories relating to conflicts as Ethiopian forces withdrew from Somalia, and the Shabab vowed to continue fighting until all foreign forces pulled out of Somalia, including the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces.

In the following days and weeks, the insurgents began what seems to have been a revenge campaign...

An Overview of Media, Rights and Protection in the Semi Autonomous Region
New Feature Provides Complete Somalia News Resource
Part Two: Somalia Report Examines Somalia's Media Landscape
Al Shabaab, Media Friendly
Al Shabaab, Media Friendly
Somalia Report presents Part Two of a three-part series covering the media landscape of Somalia. In Part One we reviewed Somalialand while today's Part Two covers Somalia. Part Three will review Puntland's media landscape.

Mediamania is gripping Somalia. As the country heads towards ending the transitional government in August of this year, the media is set to take centre stage in a process that will dramatically change Somalia’s political landscape.

In Mogadishu alone, the airwaves have been filled by nearly 20 FM radio stations with many more likely to be established in the coming months as the election season draws near. Of these twenty stations, more than half were formed within the last two years while four are about a month old.

During the rule of Somalia’s strongman, Mohamed...

Hi Tech Social Event Now Includes Somalia as a Venue
TEDx Mogadishu
TEDx Mogadishu
Somalia Report was surprised to learn that the TED organization (Technology, Entertainment, Design) created by designer, thinker and intellectual tornado, Richard Saul Wurman was coming to Mogadishu. TED is famous for being a somewhat elitest event where industry movers and shakers from Bill Gates, to Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos would reveal the future to a well heeled audience who had paid thousands of dollars for a seat.

Richard has since sold TED...

An Open Letter From the Publisher
Rapper Sells Energy Drink Using Destitute Somalis as Backdrop
Cartoon On Starvation The Latest Source of Public Anger
News Site Scores Scoops and Blunders
Initial Plans For Maritime Attacks in Summer 2010 But History Says Otherwise
Video and Radio
To Flee or Not to Flee: Where are the Foreign Fighters?
Dr Ayman al Zawahiri
Dr Ayman al Zawahiri
The head of al-Qaeda Dr. Ayman al-Zawahri announced the "the joining of the Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement in Somalia to Qaedat al-Jihad, to support the jihadi unity against the Zio-Crusader campaign and their assistants amongst the treacherous agent rulers,” in a video statement. Watch video here.

The truth on the ground may be quite different. Somali, Kenyan and Ethiopian military advances as well as severe leadership rifts among al-Shabaab's top officials have put pressure on the foreign fighters in the group, which has lead to two very different perspectives on where the foreign fighters are now.

One set of sources is firm the foreign fighters have fled Somalia for Yemen, while the other indicates the foreigners have...

Reporters Were Seized Interviewing Suspects
Radio Galgadud Open, But Not Allowed to Report on ASWJ Operations
Celebrity Reporters Cover Famine and Relief Efforts
Militant Group Reverses Order
Death Threats Force Radio Mogadishu Reporters to Remain in Compound for 2 Years
Social Media
Kenya's Twitter Spokesman Accused of Fudging Facts
Mjr. Chirchir's Twitter Account
Mjr. Chirchir's Twitter Account

The Kenyan military spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir announced on his Twitter account yesterday afternoon that al-Shabaab militants had stoned to death a Kenyan citizen from the Nairobi suburb of Majengo. The execution, Mjr. Chirchir claimed, had been carried out in the port city of Kismayo on January 10.

"Kenyan Al Shabaab whipped before being stonned (sic) to death in Kismayu," Mjr. Chirchir tweeted at around 5:00pm local time (0200 GMT), attaching a photo of a man in the process of being buried in an open field as local residents watch...

Information Operations May Backfire on Insurgent Group
Reporter, 40 Others Benefit From Presidential Pardon
Fighting Cuts Lines, Power, and Makes Travel to Internet Cafes Huge Risk