Street FIGHT
Militants Resort to Criminal Tactics in Bay and Bakol Regions
Al-Shabaab Fighters (File Photo)
Al-Shabaab Fighters (File Photo)

The al-Shabaab Islamic group battling for control of Somalia are notorious for their implementation of strict Islamic sharia rule in areas under their control and harassment of local residents. As they lose more territory to the allied forces of Somalia and the African Union peacekeeping force (AMISOM), the militia has rapidly resorted to common criminal acts including carjackings and robberies to keep their jihad funded, as residents and victims complained to Somalia Report.

According to Mama Hawa Ali, a businesswoman who trades in fabric in Dinsoor town in Bay region, militant fighters continue to loot the shops in the town in broad daylight.

“We are being harassed by these young men who people tell me are al-Shabaab fighters. They can come anytime and confiscate our properties. Most of the businesses here are at risk of closing down and I personally also have the same plans. Maybe we will take a month off until the level of security improves," she told Somalia Report.

What is causing the hardline Islamists to commit criminal acts when they were the ones tasked to prevent such behavior? To learn more, Somalia Report spoke with residents of Hudur, the capital of Bakol region and one of the towns recently seized by...

Abdi Jeylaani Malaaq (Marshaale) Assassinated in Mogadishu
Col. Abdulahi Mohamed Hassan (Fara) Gunned Down
One Boy Wounded in Waaberi District
Allied Forces Seize Port Village of Eel-Ma'an
Gunmen, Bandits, Rapists, Lions, Accidents on the Road From Kismayo to Bardere
Seventh Journalist to be Attacked in Somalia This Year
Al-Shabaab Ambushes President's Convoy Returning From Lower Shabelle
Farhan (James) Abdulle of Radio Daljir Killed
Mahad Salad Adan, Reporter for Shabelle Media and Voice of Hiraan, killed
Border Closed After Brutal Slaying of Popular Taxi Driver
MP Yusuf Hassan Speaks with SR
Radio Galkayo's Ali Ahmed Abdi Third Somali Journalist Killed in 2012
First Assassination to Occur in Newly Declared Khatumo State
TFG Accuse Ma'alin Haruur of Killing 2 TFG Commanders, Family Claims Innocence
Abukar Hassan Kadaf Fatally Shot Near Home, 3rd Journalist Killed in 2012
Justice Evades Victims of Shabaab Atrocities
5 More Injured, Locals Blame TFG for not Clearing Area of Explosives
Follows Visit by TFG President
Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullah, Mayor of Israac near Galkayo, Killed
Hassan Osman Murdered by Two Young Gunmen in Mogadishu
IDP Woman Narrates How Her Husband Was Butchered by the Islamist Group
Ethiopian and TFG Troops Kill 12 in Search for Militants
Militias Taking Revenge Upon Locals, Welcome Quickly Drying Up
Child Warfare and Coercion of Children as Young as Five Into Fighting
Attempted Bombing Near Galkayo Fails; Gunman Dead While Two Suspects Flee
Seizure of Aid Endangers Lives of Drought-Affected IDPs
20 Trucks With Food & Medical Aid Intended for IDPs Seized by Al-Shabaab
100 Suspects Arrested in Security Sweep
The Victims were Seized by Al-Shabaab over Spying
The Accused Soldiers Were Caught Escaping From War Frontlines
Two Killed as Violence Against Entertainment Centers Rises
The Latest Killing Follows A String of Other Similar Shootings
Al-Shabaab Blamed for Weekend Attack that Left Two Dead
Kidnappers Escape After Paying Bribes
Effort To Protect Aid Turns Deadly
New Administration in Middle Shabelle Trying to Increase Popularity
Somali Aid Worker Released, but American and Dane Still Held By Pirate Group
Latest in String of Civilian Killings
Attempts to Link Blast to Al-Shabaab
ASWJ Fighters Gunned Down The Suspects in Detention
The Kenyan Government Vows to Flush out al-Shabaab Sympathizers
Taxi Driver Beheaded by Al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle for Refusing Order
Traders, Diaspora and Elders from Murusade Clan Offer $250,000 for Dhere
Abdulahi Issaq Hired to Kill Elder Hassan Husien
Latest Battle Over Checkpoint Claims Civilians
Wounded Officer in Hospital After Latest Attack
Donkey IED Seized in Mogadishu
Puntland Interior Minister Denies Allegations
MP was Shot on the Head and Chest
Angry Brother of Pirate Killed Judge for Postponing Case
Attackers Fired at a Passenger Mini-Bus
Witnesses Report AMISOM Soldiers Fired on Malaysian Convoy
Somali Court Martial Accuses Her of Supplying Weapons To Al-Shabaab
Victim's NGO Works with UNICEF
4 Staffers from COOPI Being Held by Al-Shabaab in Middle Juba
No Arrests Made
Spate of Killings in Puntland Continues
Hassan Aw Mohamed Hussein (Hassan Walloore) Killed in Front of Mosque
Man Arrested Dressed In Veil and Women Clothes
Training Workshop Held in Mogadishu as International Community Donates Millions
Al-Shabaab, AU, Residents Report Conflicting Number of Dead
Khalif Jire Warfaa Killed Near Mosque in Mogadishu
Travelers Subjected to Rape, Theft, Harassment at Illegal Checkpoints
Murder Mystery On The Rise
Accusations Atam is Involved
Killings Linked to Businessmen Assassinations
Two Somaliland Soldiers Dead
18 Year Old Man Accused of Raping 13 Year Old Girl
Keys Given to Police Station and Ministry of Information Office in Bosaso
Grenade Attack and Police Shooting Rattle Residents
Assassinations Continue Amid Growing Violence
Somalia's Traditional Dancers Face Threats
Sheik Rage Vows Al-Shabaab Will Retaliate for bin Laden Death
Retrieved Roadside Bomb Detonates Inside Station
Assassinations Threaten Fragile Stability of Region
Peace Activist Latest To Be Gunned Down
Killing in Galkayo Latest Puntland Assassination
Puntland Seeks To Modernize Traffic, Licensing and Taxation on Vehicles
Hareed Ali Durdur Assassinated in Kismayo By al-Shabaab Gunmen
Victims Not Allowed To Deny Charges Of Robbery
Gunmen Shoot Director of Development Center In Broad Daylight
3 Civilians Executed In Belet Hawa
Remote Controlled Bomb Hits Vehicle In Galkayo
3 Ugandans Sentenced For Opening Fire On Civilians
Ahmed Saleebaan Gelleh Shot In Las Anod, Sool Region
Embattled Terrorist Group Now Makes Final Preparations, Star Rapper Killed
Husen Gurhan Was Wounded; Driver Killed
Somalis Pay Smugglers For A Way Out
Anniversary Marks Extreme Highs and Lows for Somalia
TFG Preparing to Retake Bakara Market in Mogadishu (File Photo)
©Somalia Report
TFG Preparing to Retake Bakara Market in Mogadishu (File Photo)

August 6th marks one year since Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) Forces and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) soldiers forced al-Shabaab Islamic militants to flee the capital of Mogadishu, ending their three year grip on the port city. To mark this historic anniversary, Somalia Report looks back at the past year of highs and lows.

In an effort to maintain Mogadishu and secure other areas of the country, TFG and AMISOM forces, supported by local militias and Ethiopia, have pushed the militants further out of the southern and central regions, with Kismayo, the last al-Shabaab stronghold, slated to be the final target, which the government promises to size within three weeks.

In addition to significant military gains, Somalia has seen a number of positive developments in the last year inc...

Somalia Report Speaks to Representatives From Both Sides of the Allegations
President Sharif Visits Balad in Middle Shabelle Region
TFG and AMISOM Seize Dani, Surrounding Farm Areas Without a Fight
Allied Forces Prepare to Seize City From Shabaab 'Within Hours'
MP Mohamud Abdi Garwayne Killed, 5 Wounded
Puntland Forces and Residents Working Together to End Rising Insecurity
Prime Minister Visits Bal'ad
Accounts Vary on Which Group is in Control
Second Major Operation Launched in Shabelle After Seizing Afgoye
Sheikh Rage Vows to Continue Hit and Run Attacks
Afgoye Quiet but Residents Fear Shabaab Guerilla Attacks
Allied Forces Expect to Reach Afgoye Within Hours
AMISOM Captures Dayniile Airport During Offensive
Bakara and Karan Attacks
Businessman, Car Blown Up by Remote Control in Apparent Forced Suicide
Al-Shabaab Likely Responsible for Attack
Six Dead, Seven Injured In Clan Clashes
Bay Region TFG Governor Calls For Return of Int'l Aid Agencies
Shabaab Claim TFG Officials Were Killed
57, Mostly Shabaab, Thought Dead From Fierce Fighting Following Attack
20 Shabaab Reported Dead, 2 Civilians Injured, in Latest Fighting
Conflict Over Farmland Turns Bloody
Mogadishu Sees Heavy Fighting as AMISOM & TFG Troops Shell Shabaab
Retaliatory Fire Leads To More Than Nine Dead
At Least Five Shabaab Dead After Ambush Leads to Fighting
TFG & Ethiopian Troops Advance Towards Wajid
Communications Towers Down, Neighbours Report Shabaab Taking Defensive Positions
Strategic Town of El-Bur Open Region to Allied Ethiopian and ASWJ Forces
TFG Claims 4 Shabaab Killed in Failed Assault on Joint TFG & Ethiopian Base
Several Civilians Injured Without Casualties, 3 Shabaab Bases Struck And 10 Dead
Suspected Landmine May Have Targeted Turkish Aid Workers
Capital of Bakool Captured by TFG and Ethiopian Forces
Allied Forces Battle Shabaab on the Outskirts of Hudur
At Least Four Mortars Hit Near Presidential Compound
TFG-KDF and Ras Kamboni Fight Back
Mortar Attacks Kills Six in Nearby IDP Camp
Strategic Buuq Matoor Links Hiran and Bakool Regions
2 Civilians Dead, Unknown Number Injured as 2 Shabaab Bases Targeted
Allied Forces Expel Al-Shabaab From Areas in Northeast Mogadishu
Alied Forces Halt 30 Kilometers South of City
Security Operations Launched After Attacks on Ethiopian and TFG Forces
Demonstration For Khatumo Recognition Broken Up With Violence
Puntland Security Police Shut Down Independent Radio Station
Breaking News
Arrests in Baidoa
More Than 40 Detained in Security Sweep Following Bombing Targeting Ethiopians
Al-Shabaab Offers No Comment As Yet, No Civilian Casualties Reported
"Livestock Market" Mogadishu's Latest Front Line Position to be Captured
At Least 17 Killed as Al-Shabaab Occupies City Center
Ethiopian Border Region of Raaso Explodes Into Violence
Unidentified Aircraft Strike Shabaab Base and Barricade in Afgoye
Injured Fighters Rushed to Bardhere Hospital
TFG Defends Forces After Shabaab Ambush in Lower Juba, 12 Reported Dead
Guerrilla Tactics To Be Stepped Up Following Losses in Bay and Bakool
Foreign Fighters Reported Among the Dead
Mother of A Child Soldier Speaks to Somalia Report
Capital of Bakool Region Vacated as Ethiopian Troops Advance
Criminal Investigations Department Targeted
IDPs Flee as Al-Shabaab Gives Guns to Kids to Fight 'Infidels'
NATO Stepping Up Interception of Pirates
Locals Talk of Lives Full of Fear and Suffering
Kenyan Spokesman Oguna Claims Shabaab is On Way Out
Fighting Continues in El-Adde and Busar, Locals Under Security
Militant Group Hunkers Down in Forested Coastal Areas
Land Dispute in Horumar Village Causes Conflict
Explosion Targets Civilians in Via Rome, Hamarweyene District
Conflict Over Mentor and Livestock
Calm Returns, ASWJ and TFG Dispute Over Strategy
5 Bodies Found in Shabelle River
Islamist Fighters Killed
Six Ethiopian Soldiers Die in Attack
Al-Shabaab Attacks with Speedboats
Instability in Galkayo Continues to Mount
Unknown Ethiopian Casualties, Suspected Attacker Shot Dead by Ethiopians
Kenyan Defense Forces Crossed Into Somalia Last October
Two Civilians Wounded In The Blasts
Arrests Follow a Major Security Swoop
Ethiopian Troops Kill Civilians, Locals Say
Fears of Drone Strikes Send Residents Towards the Capital
Air Strikes Targeted Al-Shabaab Bases
Al-Shabaab Attempted To Retake Their Bases From TFG, AMISOM
Shabaab Statement Affirms Death by US Drone Strike
Somalia Report Journalist Narrates His Encounter With Al-Shabaab
Allied Forces Fight with Al-Shabaab
Overnight Fighting Forces Militants from Daynille, Heliwa
Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility over The Deadly Blast
Clash Occurred When ASWJ Fighters Attacked Shabelle Valley Leader
Militant Group Orders Schools Closed
5 Dead, Several Wounded
Mahaas Elders Detained by Shabaab for Refusing Support
Overnight Raids Continue, Locals Enraged
Al-Shabaab Launched Hit-and-Run Attacks on TFG and Allied Troops
Eight Killed, Three Kidnapped in Raid
Kenyan Military Planes Have Recently Pounded al-Shabaab Bases in Gedo
Local Clerics Among The Dead
Six Dead, Dozen Wounded in Attacks
TFG, Kenyan Forces Attack Al-Shabaab as Islamist Fighters Hit Back
Al-Shabaab Militants Flee Towards Bardera in Gedo Region
The Newly-Trained Fighters To Provide Defense Strategy For Al-Shabaab
Fighting Continues in Gedo, Defense Minister Promises Fight Against Al-Shabaab
Puntland Militia Said to be Linked to Al-Shabaab
With Support of Ethiopian Troops, Al-Shabaab Forced Out
Hit-and-Run Assaults Continue
TFG Officials Promise Coming Rout of Al-Shabaab From the Region
ASWJ Promises to Respond With Force to All Attacks
Kenya Blamed for Civilian Deaths, Ground Fighting Betwen Shabaab & Kenya
Civilian Home Struck by Al-Shabaab Mortars
ASWJ Fights With Local Militia
The Suspects Are Helping Puntland Authorities with Investigations
12 Indian Nationals and 2 Somali Crew Members On Board
Al-Shabaab Attacks TFG Convoy, 10 Injured
Grenade Attacks in Garissa Injured 4
No Casualties as Yet From Attacks; No Responsibility Claimed
Al-Shabaab Desires Causalities Remain Unknown
Low Flying Planes Seen Over Hiiraan
Al-Shabaab Officials Claim to Have Kill Dozens of Kenyan Troops
Al-Shabaab Claimed Responsibility For Attacks
Many Feared Wounded in IED Blast Near Mandera; Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility
Galgagud Elders Helped Negotiate Ceasefire and Disarmament Plan
Islamist Fighters in Fear of More Attacks
Clan Militias Attacked a Village in Mudug Region
Gedo Region is Epicenter of Fighting Between Al-Shabaab and TFG
Ethiopian Army Trained The Fighters
New Batch of Fighters Arrives From Middle Shabelle Region
TFG, AMISOM Attacking Al-Shabaab Bases
Two TFG Soldiers Killed in the Explosion
2 TFG Soldiers Among The Dead
Security Forces Arrest Suspected Gunmen in Qardho
Security Officials Seize the Car Before Explosion
Clan-Clashes Have Rocked in Elbur, Claims Four Other People
No Group Claims Responsiblity for Latest Attack
Violence in the Two Regions Has Significantly Increased
Mother and Children Amongst Dead
10 Al-Shabaab Militants, 4 Kenyans, 3 TFG Forces Reported Dead
The Land Mine Hit a TFG Base in Mogadishu
Fighting Involved Al-Shabaab and TFG, AMISOM Forces
4 Civilians Dead; Kenya Suspected
Al-Shabaab Denies Accusations of Torture
Battles in Gedo, Mogadishu, Lower Juba
Bombs Were Targeting Dhobley, Says Official
Four Dead in Dhamse Fight
Four Soldiers Dead in Villa Baidoa Bomb - Street Cleaners Killed By IED
Ethiopian troops move towards Hiraan
Four Wounded in Rako Raho
One Dead, Three Injured in Sool Battle
Schoolkids Were Playing With IED, Say Witnesses
Ras Kamboni, TFG Forces Threaten to Stop Fighting
Ethiopian Proxy Concerned Over Renewed Insurgent Support
Blasts at Banadir Hospital, Mogadishu Junction
At Least Seven Dead in Latest Incidents
Five People Killed on Spot
Youth Defect as Insurgents Step Up Fundraising
Mogadishu's Karaan District Scene of Mayhem
Residents Face Looting and Killing From Their "Protectors"
One Soldier Dies, Nine Injured
Al-Shabaab Vows Revenge Against Kenya
Locals Say TFG and Ras Kamboni Forces in Control of Al-Shabaab Base
Fighter Jets Attack Militant Base in Yaqle
TFG Soldiers Apparent Target
Some Residents Vow to Back Insurgents Against Old Enemy
Al-Shabaab Trying to Build Bomb in Wardhigley District of Mogadishu
Ten Dead as Al-Shabaab Battles TFG Forces
Move Aimed at Ending Violence in Erigabo, Sanaag
Four Killed in Fight Prompted by Beating of Old Woman
One Dead, One Vehicle Destroyed, but TFG Claims Victory
Al-Shabaab Flees Villages in Hiran and Galgadud Regions
Islamist Fighters Exchange Fire With Kenyan Military
Somali MPs Back Ethiopian Move
Al-Shabaab Attacks TFG-AMISOM Bases Near Halima-Hati Village Near Karan Distri
Leaders in Bay and Bakool Want Taxes Used Differently
Casualties, Outcome Unclear
TFG Seizes Two Villages, Destroys Al-Shabaab Bases, Seizes Weapons Cache
25 Youths Arrested on Suspicion of Spying
At Least 14 Dead in Series of Incidents
No Sign of Calm After Four Days of Battles
Move in Lower Shabelle Follows Air Strikes
Dharkenley Deputy Police Chief Targeted
Four Camps Destroyed Near Galbaharey District, Troops Move Towards Bardhere
Pirates Stoking Conflict With Weapons, Men
Battles in Mogadishu, Gedo and Lower Juba
TFG Claims Senior Al-Shabaab Leaders Dead Appear Untrue
Al-Shabaab Clashed with TFG, AMISON Troops
Detained Elders Accused of Cooperating with TFG
The Detainees Accused of Spying for Kenyan Military
Among The Dead Include Al-Shabaab Fighters
Electrical Fire Causes Accidental Blast in Weapons Storage Rooms
Locals Target Militants with Landmine in Galgadud
TFG Troops Fire on MP's Car for Failing to Stop
Dispute Over Taxes Turns Violent
Attacks in Capital Target Lawmakers, AMISOM and TFG Soldiers
Militants Show Off, Declare War on Ethiopia, Impose Curfew, Arrest Worshippers
Hands Members of Separatist Group to Ethiopia
Locals Battle Police over Preacher Arrests
Arms Banned in Civilian Areas
Policeman, Child Killed in Insurgent Attacks in Mandera
Al-Shabaab Move to Burdo, Fight with Shabelle Valley Militia
Kenya's "Freedom of Action" May Lead to the Opposite
More Bodies Needed for Kenya Battle
Kenyan Army Says Donkeys Used to Transport Weapons
Adon-dhowe, Kadija-Haji, El-Adde and El-Gaadud Seized in Gedo Region
Group Looking to Control Residents and Gain Resources
Say Relations Are Still Hostile
TFG Claims Deaths Came in Ambush
Kenya Warns People to Leave Target Areas
Ethiopians Searching for Ogaden National Liberation Front Fighters
Fresh Clashes Break Out in Lower Juba, Gedo Regions
Point to Previous Failures of Foreign Powers in Somalia
Weapons Allegedly Delivered to Al-Shabaab in Baidoa
Attack on Al Shabaab Bases in Middle Juba Kills 12 Civilians And Wounds 45
TFG Forces in Control of the Region
Somali-American Among Suicide Bombers Wearing TFG Uniforms During Attack
Recruitment Drive Comes Amid Heavy Fighting
Blast Hits Soldiers in Garissa District of North Eastern Kenya
39 Militants Killed, Says Kenya Military
Al-Shabaab Calls for Bigger Attacks
Battle for Afmadow Expected as Troops Build Up
Legitimacy of Responsibility Claim Uncertain
President's Negative Comments Anger ASWJ and Ras Kamboni
Kenya Aiming For Kismayo Within One Week
13 Wounded in Attack on Commuters in Second Grenade Attack in Two Days
ASWJ Throws its Support Behind Kenya
The Militant Group Suffered Heavy Casualties Due to AMISOM, TFG Assault
AMISOM, TFG Soldiers Among Those Killed
Victims Allegedly in the Hands of Senior Al-Shabaab Leaders
Residents of Lower Juba Claim Drone Strikes Kill 21 Insurgents and 14 Civilians
Insurgents Lose Ground in Mogadishu, Ras Kamboni, But Heavy Cost to AMISOM
Five Buinessmen Killed in One Week Prompts Authorities to Mediate Clans Clashes
Two Children Wounded in Blast
Youths Arrested Near Somalia Border, Looking to Join Al-Shabaab
Aid Agency Says No Proof Al-Shabaab to Blame
Casualties Lower Than First Thought
Supported by Helicopters, Jets and Tanks, Kenyans Set up Bases in El-Wak
Bomb Targets AMISOM Base at Gaheyr University in Mogadishu
Gains Come Amid Kenya's Entry into Conflict
Insurgent Group Wants Back In
Lawmaker Loses Leg in Mogadishu Blast
Taabta Shelling Claims Dozens, Villages Seized, Says TFG
New Forces to Launch Hit-and-run Attacks
Hundreds of Fighters Loyal to Aweys Leave Frontlines
Militants Apparently Fearful of Attack
Civilians and Al-Shabaab Fighters Killed
Foreigners Operating from Suqa-Holaha Village to Direct Hit and Run Attacks
Militants Change into School Uniforms Forcing Kids to Dress Like Militants
More Fighting Monday as AU/TFG Aims to Secure Capital
Al-Shabaab Attacks TFG Bases, Neighborhoods Shelled
2 Suspected Suicide Bombers Escape
Gains in Mogadishu and Gedo
Al-Shabaab's Intelligence Operations Extensive with 600 Operators in Mogadishu
Burkus Gunned Down at Beled Hawo Tea Shop
Government Building in KM4 Area Devastated
Al-Shabaab Driven Back After Battles
Pirates Joined the Clan’s Fight
Soldiers Fought over Checkpoint Control
A Top Leader of The Local Militia Among Those Killed
Both Warring Sides Claimed Victory
Somaliland Denies Links with Al-Shabaab
TFG, Ethiopia Discussed over Insurgency and Famine in Gedo Region
Abject Poverty and Peer Pressure Forcing them to Join
Militant Al-Shabaab Fighters Claim They Shot It Down
Government Denied Any TFG Casualties
Hundreds of Militants Arrive by Boat in Sanaag Region
Angry Residents Burned Al-Shabaab Military Vehicle
Pro-government Forces Based in Malimu Village Near Bohol-Bashir
Al-Shabaab Declares New Offensive Against TFG and AMISOM Forces
Those Nabbed Had Refused Joining The Militant Group
Al-Shabaab Fighters Launch Hit-and-Run Attacks Against AMISOM Forces
Peace Efforts Underway
2 Dead as Government Troops Fight Over Clans, Situation Remains Tense
ASWJ Repels Advance in Nearby Village
Two Civilians Killed in Attack Targeting ASWJ Leader
Dozens Killed in Fighting With Al-Shabaab
Faith Leader Urges Militant Group To Target Western Allies
Insurgents Were Shot At By Unknown Attackers
With Famine Biting Southern Somalia, Water and Pasture Disputes Have Risen
Explosive Kills 4, Injures 7 in Mogadishu's Suuq-Bacaad Market
Skepticism Over Claims Men Allegedly Involved In Galkakyo Clashes Are Insurgents
Bolstered Insurgent Forces Looking to Claw Back Territory in Gedo
1 Dead, 3 Injured in Yet Another Targeted Attack
Militia Attack Checkpoint Near Bosaso
At Least 45 People Dead Since Al-Shabaab Fled Mogadishu Last Month
Blast Ripped Through The Insurgents' Armoury
2 Soldiers Among Those Killed
Journalist Reportedly Shot by AMISOM Forces
Al-Shabaab Continues Mogadishu Executions
Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility
Fear of Spying, Show of Power Behind Killings
Galmudug Forces Targeted at Checkpoint
'Taxes' Vary at Checkpoints Controlled by TFG, Al-Shabaab and Local Clans
Al-Shabaab Withdraws from Gariley
Soldiers Among the Casualties
Attackers Targeted TFG bases in Mogadishu
Dozens Flee Elasha Biyaha Amid Reports of Kidnappings
Tensions High, But Major Conflict With Puntland Not Expected
2 Young Men Kidnapped From Garasbaley, One Still Missing
Al-Shabaab Ambush, TFG Infighting Continues Unabated
Al-Shabaab Hits TFG-AMISOM Bases in Mogadishu
6 Civilians Injured as Attacker Esacpes
Militants Fight Over Strategy in Hiraan
Militant Group Says Those Behind TFG Will Be Shot Dead
Mogadishu Mayor Says the City is Safe, Asks Aid Agencies to Help
Suspected Petrol Bomb Thrown At Fighters' Station
Puntland Fighting Against Local Ras Aseyr Militia and Pirates
Another Al-Shabaab Day of Drama in Somalia
Witnesses Claim AU Shells Cause Civilian Deaths
Slow Spread Throughout Capital Still Facing Al-Shabaab Resistance
Ethiopian Forces Accused of Involvement in Fighting That Killed Seven
Rights' Abuses Have Worsened Famine
Government Denies AU, Government Deaths
Lower Shabelle IDPs Denied Travel to Mogadishu for Help, Forced to Return Home
Battle Over Control Threatens Planned Advances
Community Attempts to Defend Resources From Cash-Strapped Group
Fighters to Remain in City, Says Spokesman
Government Forces Now in Control of Eastern and Northern Parts of Capital
AMISOM-TFG-Police Conduct Security Operations to Ensure Capital is Safe
Lower Juba Village Falls as Forces Attempt Advance
Clashes Break out Over Disputed Sool, Sanaag and Cayn Region
Bakara Market Sweep Uncovers Bomb-Making Factory
Al-Shabaab Conducts Hit and Run Attacks in Mogadishu, 3 Civilians Dead
Insurgents Abandon Mogadishu Stronghold, Source of Income
Says Can’t Hold Mogadishu Without Boost to Forces
Checkpoint Set up in Elasha Biyaha After Insurgent Withdrawal
Elements Remaining in Mogadishu Continue Attacks
Al-Shabaab Mogadishu Withdrawal Raises More Questions Than Answers
AMISOM's Shelling In Response To Resistance From Al-Shabaab
But Fears Abound as Militant Group Insists it Will Hit Back
Residents Celebrate Amidst Tensions Over Reprisals
City Now in Government Hands
Militants Retaliate Against Residents of Garas-Bintow Village
Four Civilians Killed In Battle
Residents Say Many Insurgent Bases and Mosques Emptying
Al-Shabaab Attacks TFG Forces in Sar-Kuusta Area
Al-Shabaab Tries to Stop Funeral in Middle Shabelle
Top TFG Commander Killed in Fighting
At Least 12 Dead in Renewed Fighting in Gedo
ASWJ Forces Claim Victory
Fears Over Misuse of Drought Funds
Somali Government Denies Claim
Residents Fleeing Heavy Shelling
Internal Wrangles Blamed on Attack
Child Soldiers Being Deployed In Frontline Battles
All Sides Claim Victory in Mogadishu's Latest Fighting
Radio, Internet Affected by Clashes in Somalia's Capital
Three Intersections Taken, But Troops Killed in Possible Friendly Fire Incident
One Policeman Killed, 4 Others Injured by Hand-Thown Device
As Many as 2,000 Troops Set for Mogadishu Frontlines
Fighting Linked to Clan Rivalry, Say Locals
Armed Clashes Between Herders and Al-Shabaab
Residents Say Suspected Drones Sighted Flying Overnight
Second Incident in a Week of Villagers Resisting Insurgents
Conditions Could Prove Sticking Point to Peace
Dispute Over Wells, Arrest of Elders Enrages Community
Spokesman Vows New Attacks on Puntland
Battle Between Presidential Guard, Troops Loyal to Speaker in State House
Al-Shabaab Steals Aid from NGO, Demands Water Wells from Locals
Fighting Over Water Wells Killed at Least 40
Carrying Device That Could Be Used in IED
At Least Five Dead in Al-Shabaab Attack
Third Airstrike Hits Al-Shabaab Targets in Southern Somalia
An In-Depth Look at Drones, Somali Reactions, and How the War May Change
Paranoia Over Spying Follows Losses
Five Killed in Fighting
Attempts to Woo Elders Fall on Deaf Ears
Clashes Over Water and Pasture Common
Fighters Hand Over Weapons
Calls for Mortars, Suicide Blasts on Ceremonies
Official Confirms US Behind Raid Targeting Senior Leaders
Rift Between Residents and al-Shabaab Emerges
2 Puntland MPs Lose Seats
Forces Pledged Earlier This Year to Begin Arriving Soon
Mogadishu Blast Targeted African Union Convoy
Ready to Flee, Concerned About Attacks on Atam Militia
Lower Juba Troops Say They Were Forced to Fight
10 Pupils From Each School to be Trained
Ethiopia Planning to Train 1,000 New Troops
Vows to Continue Working With Terror Group
Crackdown Launched After Fazul, Hussein Killings
Sources Say Godane Wanted to Stop Fazul Replacing Leadership With Foreigners
Soldiers Tell of Shootout That Killed Al-Qaeda Commander
Weakened Moderate Islamist Group Pushing Insurgents
Army Commanders, TFG Leaders, Journalists All Targets
Demonstrators Demand President and Speaker Resign as Local Groups Take Sides
Boys Injured During Banned Match, Residents Say
Musa Hussein Believed to Deal With Funding, Recruitment
Warns Interior Minister Killing to be Repeated
Fazul Masterminded 1998 Bombings of US Embassies in Kenya, Tanzania
Minister's Niece is Alleged Suicide Bomber
Conflicting Reports Over Deaths, Injuries
Al-Shabaab Main Suspects Amid No Claim of Responsibility
AMISOM Forces Reposition to Frontlines in Mogadishu
Ammo And Money Shortage Hampering Al-Shabaab
Lt. Col Among Four Dead After AMISOM Gains More Ground
Westerners Seen Advising AU/TFG as Foreign Fighter is Identified
Pakistani Among Dead Al-Shabaab as TFG Claims Control 80% of Capital
Group Asks Warrring Sides to Avoid Looting and Destruction of Property
Al-Shabaab Vows New Attacks as TFG Makes Advances
Al-Shabaab Says American Attacked ASWJ and AMISOM Forces in Mogadishu
Police Successfully Detect Bomb Targeting Puntland Officials
President Praises TFG and AMISOM Forces in Hodan District
TFG Takes Control of African Village, Pushes Back Al-Shabaab
Al-Shabaab Luring Government Forces With Cash for Technicals
Death, Unemployment and Punshiment Only Other Options
Militants Attack TFG Bases in Bondhere, Shibis, Shinganni Districts
British Passport Holders Trying to Cross into Somalia
Colleagues of Arrested Men Refusing to Fight
Traders Concerned Over Damage, Looting
TFG Control of Bakara Market Only 'Days Away'
Al-Shabaab Forces Seen Leaving Insurgent Stronghold
Bardhere Community Ignored Calls to Hand Over Youth for Jihad
Aircraft of Unknown Origin Overfly Al-Shabaab Bases
Defectors Talk of Brutality, Violations of Islam
Forces to Spread Out From Gedo Region and Challenge Al-Shabaab Heartland
Promises Caution in Bakara Market Operations
Says Split Damaging Operational Capability
500 Fighters Arrive in Capital, 100 More Kidnapped and Forced to Fight
Peacekeeping Force Says Security Now Good Enough for Non-Combatants
Neighborhoods Also Hit By Shells, At Least 25 Wounded
Pro-Government Group at Odds Over Mogadishu Spokesman
Elders Accused of Backing Government
Warning Comes as State Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Independence Claim
Al-Shabaab Feeling Vulnerable in Lower Juba as Focus Turns to Mogadishu
Accused of Directing Al-Shabaab Mortar Attacks
Militia Leader Says Puntland Conflict Over Resources
Clashes Come as al-Shabaab Warns Djibouti Against Sending Troops
Rawlings Statement on Uprisings Inaccurate
Local Militiamen in Gedo Refuse Outside Leadership
IEDs Have Come To Puntland
Ethiopian-Sponsored Treaty Aimed at Ending Rift
At Least Six Operations Mooted for Mogadishu
Government Now Controls 7 out of 16 Districts in Mogadishu
Fighting Rages in Mogadishu's Hodan District
Group Says Civilians Bear the Brunt of Conflict
Concerned Youth Could Join Government Forces
Two Dogs Aimed at Reducing Suicide Attacks
Hundreds of Foreign Fighters and Special Brigades to Join Fight in Mogadishu
Insurgents Pushing After Split Weakened Pro-Government Militia
Al-Shabaab Linked Atam Takes Galgala After Fight
Muslim Community Concerned as Opposition to Al-Shabaab Grows
Insurgents Collecting Weapons, Funds
Meeting Aimed at Solving Split That Threatens To Weaken Group
Impoverished Muslims Paid to Join Al-Shabaab
Warns Interference Will Lead to Attacks
Money And Morale Low, But al-Shabaab Still Full of Fight
Death Seen as Blow to Government Offensive in Gedo
Leaders Forming Alliance Against Abu-Zubeyr
Al-Shabaab Strikes Back in Gedo
Government Declares High Alert, Fears Al-Shabaab Attacks
Swedish-Somali Reported Killed Pops Up in Mogadishu
Barre Hirale in Ethiopian Facility in Somalia’s Dolow District
TFG Says Fuad Shangole Killed in Garbaharey Clashes
28 Dead as Garbaharey, Beled Hawo Targeted
At Least Nine Dead in Fighting
Fighting Also Breaks Out in Hiran
Gedo Push Shows No Sign of Letting Up
Al-Shabaab Bomb Threat Prompts Increased Security
Heavy Artillery Could Get Bogged Down in Gedo
Al-Shabaab Leaves Town Without Fight
Curfew in Town After More Puntland Unrest
Advance Comes As Al-Shabaab Continue Ambush, Landmine Tactics
Pro-Government Convoy Targeted in Gedo
Former General Says Al-Shabaab Struggling in Gedo
Insurgents Planning Counter-Offensive in Hiran, Galgadud
ASWJ Rounds Up 40, Accuses Women of Planning Attacks
Drives Out Al-Shabaab After Brief Occupation
Logistical Aid For Military Push in Gedo Region
ASWJ Says Their Retreat is a Tactic
More Attacks Expected as TFG Looks to Increase Border Region Gains
Militants Were Carrying Bomb-Making Materials Back to Somalia
Intelligence Suggests Malls, Government Buildings Among Easter Targets
Inconclusive Clashes Leave Conflict Map Unchanged
Al-Shabaab Defections on the Increase
Crackdown Also Sends Pirates Fleeing To Coastal Areas
"A Declaration of War" According to Security Ministry Spokesperson
Freelance Militia Blamed For Igniting Bloodshed
Al-Shabaab Could Benefit From Weakened Group
New Anti Terrorism Unit Seems To Be Latest Response To Puntland's New Force
Move To Rearm In Face Of Government Gains
Elders Among Casualties In Latest Attack
Indiscriminate Shelling, Stray Bullets Pummel the Capital
Insurgent Stronghold Next Target In Offensive
Al-Shabaab Moving Forces From Kismayo To Resist
TFG and Raskamboni Militia Battle Al Shabaab
Al Shabaab Suspected Of Attack In Liboi
Early Morning Barrage Underway in Mogadishu
Both Al Shabaab and TFG To Blame For Recklessness
Clashes in Hodan, H/wadaq and Bondhere Neighborhoods
10 Militants (3 Foreigners) Tasked With Bringing Down Transmitters
Counterclaims and Confusion Reign in Dhoobley
Somali- Kenya Border Town Nervous Waiting for Counter Attack
Fighting Rages Through Multiple Districts of the Capital
Women Among The Suspects
Al Shabaab Attacks AMISOM and TFG Bases
Foriegn Fighters Lead The Training In Marka
Ehiopian Troops Pull Out Of Dhusamareeb Town Of Central Somalia
Residents Live In A Constant State Of Fear From Militant Attacks
Fighting Continues As At Least 12 Are Killed, Dozens Injured
Mogadishu Businessmen Meet With Al Shabaab to Discuss Bakara Market
Fierce Fighting Erupts in Hodan, Yaqshid and Dayniile
Clashes Continue In Dhobley District of Lower Jubba Region
University Students Press On Despite Al Shabaab
ASWJ Consolidates Gains
TFG Now Controls 7 Districts Of The Capital
Gedo Under Control While Insurgents Attempts Counter Attacks in Mog
Casualties By AMISOM Troops May Be Much Higher Than Official Figures
Friendly Fire Incident Top of the Agenda
Residents Demand Mudug Officials Improve Security
Foreign Influences on Curriculums, Militants Recruit From Schools
Forced To Flee Their Homes and Families
Training of Somali Troops Cited As Justification for Attack
Long Expected Offensive Against al Shabaab In Second Day
Fighting Continues in Kalshale and Meygagle Villages
Defections Highlight Flawed System; Shabaab Forced to Recruit More
al-Shabaab Defectors (File Photo)
©Somalia Report
al-Shabaab Defectors (File Photo)

Since al-Shabaab, the hardline Islamist group battling for control of Somalia, were forced from Mogadishu in August 2011, hundreds of fighters have defected or surrendered. While this may seem to be a positive development, concerns are growing that many may have been plants to conduct guerrilla-style attacks from within the government.

To accommodate the influx of former fighters, Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) established large centres to provide a support network and rehabilitation training programs. The largest of these is Hamma Dhowr where many defectors are asked to hunt down their former fellow fighters on behalf of the TFG.

Experts believe, however, that many so-called defectors are still loyal to al-Shabaab and...

7 Dead, 10 Injured After Fighting Spreads to Nearby Villages
Al-Shabaab's Forced Taxation and Recruitment Condemned by Civilians
2 Others Injured During Accidental Explosion
Residents Ordered to be Photographed and Remain in Town
ASWJ and Ethiopians Vacate Mahaas and El-Bur
UN 'Terror' Designation Hurting Shabaab Defection Possibilities
Militants Conduct Hit and Run Attack in El Adde, Gedo Region
The Fall of Afgoye Not the End of Shabab in Banadir
Educated Woman and Instructor Accidentally Blown Up in Galgadud
Al-Shabaab Retreat from Burhakaba
ASWJ Fighting in Buluburde, Near to Mahas, Left Security Vacuum
Ethiopian and ASWJ Prepare to Strike Strongholds of Al-Shabaab
Sheikh Abdirahman Hudeyfa Named New Chairman in Juba, Shabaab Release Statement
Possible SA-18s Fired in Elasha Biyaha
Militants Fear Structure To Be Used as AMISOM Base
Shabaab Commander for Bay and Bakool Claims Tactical Withdrawals
TFG-Ethiopian Forces Battle Al-Shabaab in Bay Region
New Frontline Pushes IDPs Away, Thousands Flee
Kudhaa Island Awaits TFG/KDF Takeover
The Islamist Fighters Have Suffered Losses Over Recent Months
Exchange of Gunfire Between Guards and Gunmen
Commanders Pledge to Eliminate Islamist Group From Southern Somalia
Militant Islamists May Harness Nationalist Resentment at Somali's Ancestral Foe
Guerilla Tactics, Funding Sources and Leadership Changes
School Children, Teachers Being Forced to Fight
But TFG Says Defectors Helping To Hunt Down Islamists
Cash Strapped Militia Demolishes Buildings, Sells off Plots in Middle Shabelle
Insurgents Fear Airstrikes, Redeploy Forces, Equipment to Towns
Some Say The Claims are Unfounded
Blast Caused by an Explosive Device
Victims' Whereabouts Remain Unknown
Were Victims Fishermen or al Shabaab?
Western Partners Still Insist Lack of Interest, Activity in Kenyan Punitive Raid
Drones Hit Airport While Unknown Aircraft Hits Seaport
Force Vows To Eradicate Al-Shabaab in Gedo Region
Tarsan Accuses Insurgent of Selling Food Aid
Militant Group Also Refutes Claims Over Withdrawal From Mogadishu
Militants Kill 2 Soldiers in Hit and Run Attacks on TFG-AMISOM Bases
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Discussing Response
Punishes World For Premature Death Notice By Releasing More Bad Rap Songs