UAE and Bancroft Meetings in Bosaso Lead to Confusion And Distrust About Future
PMPF Training Base in Bosaso
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PMPF Training Base in Bosaso

On the day before Eid, a delegation from the United Arab Emirates and security contractor Bancroft Global completed their third meeting on the future of the land-based anti-piracy force called the Puntland Marine Police Force. Although any visit by the UAE would normally be considered a VIP event in Puntland, attendees describe the meeting as tense. The son of President Mohamad Farole even went as far as to...

Hundreds of Police Deployed to Stabilize Crime Ridden Galkayo, Pirates Arrested
One group of pirates double crosses another and escapes with ransom
Hijackers of NAHAM3 and hijackers of MV Samho Dream fight over ransom debt
Newsweek Pulls PMPF Profile on Opening Day of Anti Piracy Conference
One Ship, Three Different Stories
At Least One Dead, Two Injured in Fight Among Fatxi Group
Weather, a lack of investment and the PMPF all factors
Gang applying pressure to relatives in order to secure ransom
Puntland Marine Police Force Working with Local Officials
Pirates Claim They Received a $4 Million Ransom
Three Pirate Technicals Destroyed Near Iskushuban
2 Drivers, 2 Vehicles Rented by Save the Children Released for $10,000
One Week Free Before Subscription Service Resumes
Harardhere Pirates tell EU NAVFOR to Stay Away
Cars and Staff Ambushed in Puntland's Bari Region as Pirate Revenge
The Business Side of Pirate Ransoms
Somali Football Federation Hails Tournament in Bosaso
MT Enrico Ievoli Freed After Four Months
Private Security Thwarts Another Attack Later in The Day
Part Two: Land Based Anti-Piracy
MV Leopard Hostages Seized In Conflict And Moved To Garacad
Three Major Contractors But Three Different Stories
High Profile Pirate Leader Garaad Captured In The Operation
Pirate Turned Mediator Says Piracy Will Not Be Solved Through Force
17 Somali Pirates Transferred to Somaliland Authorities
Somalia Report Speaks To The Families Of The Victims
Targeting Pirate Bases On Shore Will Stretch EU NAVFOR Resources
Pirates Want $2M, Businessmen Want it Released Without Condition
One Crewmember Reported Missing
The Official View of Success Requires Closer Scrutiny
Hijacked Ship Back on Pirate Duty
Panama-Flagged MT ROYAL GRACE Confirmed Hijacked
Oliver North Broadcasts Live From Puntland
Local Residents Furious at Pirates for Bringing Vessel to Bargal
Investor Reportedly Freed From Galkayo Police Station
UAE-Owned Boat To Be Used As Mother Ship
MV Leila Confirmed Hijacked in the Gulf of Aden
Suspected Pirates Taken to Garowe for Trial
Two to Sixth Months in Jail and Banishment from ASWJ Territory
Conflicting Reports on The Successful Rescue of Al-Khaliil and Crew
Group Holding Greek-Owned MT Liquid Velvet
Accused of Collusion in Abduction of Western Aid Workers
The Vessel Was Seized Off Gulf of Aden With Crew
Pirates Holding Michael Scott Moore Demand Ransom
Iranian Dhow Fishing Legally with Support of Puntland Government
US Commandos Safely Transport Kidnapped Aid Workers To Djibouti
Pirates Cut Hand off Hostage to Force $3M Ransom
MT Gemini Crew Suffering From Stomach Ailments
Galmudug Declares War on Pirates; Pirates Threaten to Move American to Ship
Vessel with 18-20 Crew Arrived off Hafun on Saturday
Taken By Captors To Ceel Huur, 150 South of Hobyo
Puntland, Somaliand Train and Deploy Anti-Piracy Forces
Concern Grows Over Roots of Cooperation Between Al-Shabaab and Pirate Gangs
Police and Civilians Work Together to Thwart Pirate Plans
Armed Somali Pirates Devise New Tactics To Hijack Vessels
Somali Pirates Fear Attacks on Land
Local Businessmen and Boat Operators Say Port is Unsafe
Nine Somali Pirates Arrested
13 Iranian Fishermen and Vessel Rescued from Pirates
Ship Now Heading Towards Oman
The Somali Pirates are Linked To Galmudug Education Minister's Ordeal
Indian Ship Hijacked with 16 Crew and 4 Somalis, Carrying Livestock
10 Pirates Arrested Near Garacad
Ransom Allegedly $11.5 Million
No Ransom Was Paid For Nine-Year Old
Pirates Use Child as Leverage in Ransom Dispute
Pirates Allegedly Planning to Kidnap Foreigners
Region Vows to Continue Operations Against Pirates
Piracy Attacks Down Over Rough Seas
Garaad's Pirate Group Forced to Flee Garacad Village
Gunmen Attack Drivers in Middle Shabelle as Pirates Kill Groom in Rako Raho
Morals, Not Money, Needed to Succeed
Galmudug President Admits Failure, Asks International Community for Help
Pirates Demand $5 Million, Captives Reported In Good Health
Four South Korean Crew Still Held
A Fistful of Dollars
Seven Pirates Arrested Using 2 Speedboats, Mothership Escapes
Karkaar Swarming With Pirates, Says Official
Pirate Crew Concerned About Aircraft
Leader of the Pirate Group Escapes Police Dragnet
Crew Members Say Their Lives are in Danger
Puntland Police Forces Attack Pirates House
Vessel Owner Allegedly Paid Only $600,000 Ransom
Much Ado About Nothing
Elders Negotiate Peace Agreement and Ceasefire in Rako Raho Village
Pirate Leader Mohamed Aargooste in Serious Condition
Puntland Security Operations Net Four Pirates, Eight Militants
Suffer Little Pirates, Who Come to the Sea
Militias And Pirates Fight Police In Smuggling Town East of Bosaso
DRC Says Community Pressuring Pirate Group
Pakistani Sailors Request Help Getting Home
Vessel Anchors off Malindi Due to Mechanical Problems, Crews Swapped Out
26 Somali Pirates Seized
Massive Operation Results in Arrests, Boat Seizures in Gara’ad District
Estimated Ransom Payments Approach $130 million
Japan Pledges to Support Puntland's Maritime Police Through Training, Equipment
Iranian Tanker Came Under Attack in Red Sea
Investigation Reveals No Honor Among Thieves and Vagaries of Hostage Release
Pirates Claim Two Tourists Were Aboard the FV Aride, Will Seek Ransom
One Militant Dead as Al-Shabaab Tries to Arrest Pirate's Naked Maid
FV Chin I Wen Attacked 260nm Southwest of the Seychelles
Ka-Ching! Ransom Paid, New Vessel Taken
Ship and 25 Crew Members Released for $3.5M After 11 Months of High Drama
Publicity Hungry Farah Ismail Idle Among Escapees from Berbera
Pirates Claim First Major Success in Months
150 Pirates Arrested in Two Week Operation in Mudug Region, More to Follow
Pirates Fight Over Kidnapped Aid Workers
The Panama-Flagged Vessel and Crew Held Captive in Somalia
Pirates Pressuring Indian Government to Release Somali Pirate Friends
Pirates Losing Their Sea Legs
2,000 Bottles of Wine, Hashish to be Destroyed After Pirate Kills 2 Civilians
Pirates Say Ransom Report False
Iranian Warships Rescue The Vessel
Arrests Follow a Major Police Crackdown in Mudug Region
How Low Can They Go?
Crew Thin but Alive After 13 Months in Captivity
Seven Crew of FV Suhayb KG1 Safe in Mogadishu
Two Governments Agree to Work Together to Secure Somalia
A Bad Week at the Office for Somali Pirates
Nine Pirates and Shamisa Mothership Return to Somalia
Insiders Tell How Pirates Are Destroying the System That Allows Them to Flourish
American and British Teams Attack And Arrest 11 Pirates
Local Police Repel Pirate Group Looking to Spend Pirate Cash
Container Ship Attacked off Zanzibar
Pirates Sink to New Lows With Dedieu Kidnap
Unknown Group Seeks Revenge, Terrifies Town with Threatening Letters
Interview with Puntland's Anti-Piracy Director Abdrizak Mohamed Dirir
Friends Appeal for Medicinal Aid Amid Reports of Failed Attempt to Free Dedieu
Piracy is Threatening Business Activities in Puntland
Crew Survived Pirate Attack and Ship Fire
Pirate "Marriages" Increase Cost of Marriage in Puntland
Pirates Demand $8M for Ship and Crew Held 17 Months
Slow Week, New Wrinkles and Pirates Sitting on a Half Empty Methanol Bomb?
Ship and Crew Safe
Businessmen Ask Puntland to Fight Pirates
Government denies pirates activities in the region
Money, Drugs, Clans, Weapons and Drinking All Contribute to Pirate Fights
The Tebbutt Mystery: Pirates, Bandits or Al-Shabaab?
14 Released Myanmar Sailors Still Stuck in Garowe
One Dead, One Kidnapped in Assault on Upscale Lamu Beach Getaway
Somali Pirates Arrested By Warship, Skipper Christian Colombo Feared Dead
Good New for Danes May Not Be So Good for Other Private Sailors
Investor Was Targeted for Arrest in Puntland Operations
Reasons Behind Attack Unknown
Foreign Ministry Confirms Family Set Free
Pirates Say Hostages are Ill After 10 Months in Captivity
One In, One Out
One Pirate Dead, One Pirate Investor Escapes
Puntland Development Research Center Hosts Workshops
Groups Wrangling Over Ransom Money
Pirates Forced to Move from Habo After Local Protests
Pirates Seize Tanker as Monsoon Season Nears End
Pirates Demand $7M for MV Blida Held Since January 1, 2011
Pirates Say Crew Safe on Hijacked Oil Tanker
The Marshall Islands-Flagged Vessel Has Indian Crew on Board
One Vessel Released, Danes and MV Dover Set to Be Next
Crew Dispute Accounts of Hijacking and Smuggling, Blames Mechanical Problems
Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz Held Since October 2010
Increase in Conflict Could be Due to Shifting Alliances
Hostages and Ship to be Released by the End of August
Ship Owner Reportedly Paid $ 4 Million In Ransom Money
Still No Successful Attacks, But Fears of Tactical Changes
2 Dead, 4 Injured in Hobyo Pirate Fight
Maritime Security Company Worries About Possible New Trend
15-Month Captivity Ends, But Others Not so Lucky
Wealth of Historical Evidence, But Little Proof Today
5 Crewmembers of FV Prantalay 12 Still Being Held
One Pirate Dies in Exchange of Gunfire in Dhanaane Village
The Silence of the Pirates
Puntland and Somaliland Officials Visit Crew in Bosaso, Ship En-Route to Berbera
Locals Take Up Arms to Prevent Pirates From Entering Town
UAE Oil Tanker Arrives in Bosaso After Local Businessmen Pay Ransom
Latest in Line of Security Team Successes
President Asks For Help To Rescue Hijacked Boat
Fishing For Ransoms and Cries for Freedom
Daughter's Health Allegedly Deteriorating, Other Hostages Are Healthy
MT Front Pride and MV F Blue are Both Safe After Attempted Hijackings
More Trouble in Works Over MV Jubba XX
MV Elinakos Evades Hijack in Gulf of Aden
Puntland Forces May Retake Hijacked UAE Oil Tanker
Haggard Danish and Filipino Crew Paraded by Pirates to Restart Negotiations
MT Jubba XX and 16 Crew Seized off Socotra, Yemen
Pirates Back in the Game, Fears Over Heavy Weaponry
Hostages Part of Crew of Singapore-Owned MV Gemini
Pirates Wounded by Danish Navy in June
Attack Comes as IMB Says Somali Piracy at New High
Group’s Boat Reportedly Runs Out of Fuel in Rough Sea, Woman Among Pirates
Fiery Drama Only Hot Spot in Cool Piracy Week
Researchers Say Can't Collect Data on Indian Ocean Monsoons
Company Says Crew Safe, No Pollution After Pirate Attack
Lots of Talk, Little Real Action
Pirates Agree to Lower Ransom of $3M for Dover and Crew
Officials Hail Arrests
Monsoon Quells Pirate Attacks, Questions Over Future of Ransoms
Indian Holding 105 Somali Pirates Captured Over Last Two Years
Yemeni Crew Say Hijacked Vessel Ran Out of Fuel, Drifted Into Indian Waters
Suspects To Appear in Court Monday
Negotiations For Release Halted
Splurge of Releases, Fire and Navy Action Make for Busy Week
Vessel Heading for Safe Port
Destroys Two Skiffs, Sends Mothership Back to Somalia
$2.1 Ransom Paid After 10 Month Ordeal
Hostage Tells Somalia Report They are OK, but Exhausted and Ready to go Home
MV Sirius Star Pirate Explains Ransom Money is Like a "Dream"
MV Yuan Xiang Released, Six Pirates Jailed
Chinese-owned Vessel Under Escort
Local Protests and Monsoon Waves Force Pirates to Move From Hurdiyo to Rasu Bina
Report Highlights Human Cost of Somali Piracy
Thirteen Pirates Killed by US, Drama of Seized Ransom in Mogadishu
Pirates Say $1M Doesnt Go Far: Land Cruisers, Khat, Houses, Investing, Wives
Danish Hostages' Health Improves, Ransom Negotations Ongoing
Somalia Report Investigation into Detained Ransom Flight Continues
Three Pirates, Taiwanese Captain Killed, Ship Sunk in April Incident
Exclusive Report Also Includes Hostages and Releases During Week
Somali Pirates Release After $2.5M Ransom Paid
Foreign Team Sent to Drop $3.6 Million on Two Planes Arrested in Mogadishu
Pirates Demand $4M For MV Dover and $5M for 7 Danes
More Youths Signing Up as Foreign Navies Gun Down Pirates
Former Hostages Grateful to Galmudug Administration
NGO Blames Lack of Employment and Inefffective Gov't for Pirate Menace
16 Iranians Rescued from Pirates by Danish Navy
Crackdown Promising, But Results Still Unclear
Reports Say Pair Free, Local Group Casts Doubt on Release
Residents Panic as Navy Attacks Pirates at Sea, Forcing them to Land
Bloomberg Businessweek Features In Depth Look At Business Of Piracy
Conflicting Claims Still Do Not Explain Why Ship Has Not Sailed
Naval Forces Also End FV JIH CHUN TSAI 68 Career as Pirate Mothership
Confusion Stems From Pirate Argument Aboard Ship on Ransom Amount
Somalia Continues as Highest Number of Kidnapped Humans and Ships on Earth
Italian Navy Mistakenly Took Fishermen as Pirates, Residents Believe
Mother and Daughter Health Detiorating, No Doctors Allowed
Pirates Boarded Panama-Flagged Vessel
Pirates Targeted After Ransom Paid for MV Sinar Kudus
Unknown Ransom Paid
Dispute Over Ransom Payment With Relatives
Crew Members Left Behind
Breaking News
MV Renuar Freed
Liberian-Owned Vessel Suffering Engine Problems
Galmudug Wants Help To Fight Pirates
Arrested by Belgian Navy and Held for 10 Days, Pirates Say
$4 Million Ransom Paid for Cypriot-Flagged Vessel
Escape Came After NATO Attack on Pirate Vessel
Spotlight-Hungry, Ineffectual Pirate Doles Out Interviews Like Candy
NATO Says Responded to Pirate Fire
Italian Vessel Taken, South Korean Crew Escapes By Locking Themselves In Citadel
Donations Aimed Largely At Prosecutions, Off-Shore Programs And More Meetings
Ships Freed By Pirates Arrive in Mombassa
Concrete Action Unlikely At Counter-Piracy Meet
Sources Say Trail From Belgian Ship Led To Dubai
Mayor Vows to Take the Fight to the Pirates' Bases and Homes
$3.5M Ransom Dropped Onto Vessel
Attacks More Than Doubled In 2011, Says IMB
German Vessel En-Route to Kenya Assisted By 2 Tugs
Navy Boards Mothership, 18 Hostages Rescued, 3 Pirates Wounded
Somalia Report Attends a Press Conference Aboard the French Frigate GUEPRATTE
Pirate Dead After Fight Over Ransom
Will “The Boys” Join the Pirates and Hit The Third Rail?
Owner Of Iranian Dhow Can't Be Contacted
4 hijackings, 82 pirates arrested, 2 killed
$13.5M Ransom Dropped Onto Ship. World Exclusive Photos
Attack 37 Nautical Miles From Oman Coastline
8 Crew Members Of TAI YUAN 227 Stranded In Colombo
Second Aggressive Anti-Piracy Action In Two Days
Calls on Colleagues To Keep Seizing Ships
Ship Being Held Off Bandar Bayla
Government Refuses To Take 'Foreign' Pirates
Somalia Report Visits Prisoners
Maritime Efforts Fail, A Land Based Approach Is Only Option
Pirates Bring Prostitution, Drugs, Price Increases, Harassment To Locals
Puntland's President Says Puntland Will Not Be Haven For Pirates
Jih-Chun Tsai 68 Operating As Mothership
Liberian Tanker Escapes Attack After Heavy Gunfire Exchange
Money, Sex, Booze and Fighting Comes to Coastal Town
Somalia Report Speaks To One Of The Pirates
Pirate "Death Stars" Predating Unhindered In The Indian Ocean
Policy Research And Development Institute
Alternative Livelihoods Possible For 50 Former PIrates
Danish Hostages Confirmed Doing Well, Negotiations Ongoing
Hannibal II Is Released While MV Sinar Kudus Is Hijacked
$15 Million Ransom Demanded, Hostages Reportedly Doing Well
Protestors Demand Release of Danish Hostages
One Group on Land, The Other On A Pirate Ship
Pirates On Way To Assist Other Pirates Holding Danes
Crew Of Hijacked RAK AFRIKANA Onboard YORK
Pirates HIjack And Release The Fishermen In 24 Hour Period
Puntland Soldiers Die During Attempted Rescue Mission
Crews Rescued And Onboard MV YORK
Ransom Offered, Pirates Change Their Minds
Ship And Crew Held Almost One Year
Average Negotiation Time is Now 143 Days And Growing
Family On Land as Four Helicopters on Search
Kenyan Police Detain 2 Britons and 1 Kenyan; Crew Due to Fly Home
Vessel Was Held For Two Months
Three Children Aboard In Another Test for the World's Navies
Two Stories Of Rescue From Pirates Reveal Very Different Results
The Case of Kenya
Family worries for missing hostages
Will The Tough Talk From Washington Be Matched With Tough Action?
American Couple and Two Crew on Round the World Trip Taken Hostage
After Four Months Of Captivity, Chief Engineer Dies in Fall
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
by Andrew Mwangura
Five Ships Under Pirate Control Used As "Navy"
Targeting Pirate Bases On Shore Will Stretch EU NAVFOR Resources
Australian Report Examines Industry and Government Entry into Maritime Security

Piracy studies tend to be heavy on the "need for regulation" side and light on the "fix piracy" side. One area where undisputed success has been shown has generated few studies. The use of armed guards aboard...

First Intentional Murder of Syrian Crew by Pirates To Speed Up Ransom Payment
$1.2 Ransom Paid, Pakistanis En-Route to Nairobi
Pirates Become Politicians. Poachers Become Wardens
Expats Ordered Out of Country, Bancroft May Take Over Project
Showdown Between Hijackers of the Smyrni Tanker and Puntland-based Forces
Fingered in Kidnap of Danish Family on SV ING and U.S. Hostages on SV Quest
Kidnappers Demand $20M or Threaten to Sell Writer to Al-Shabaab
Breaking News
Hijack Alert
Pirates Hijack Tanker in Arabian Sea
Pirate Propaganda?
Ransom to be Confirmed
Subscription Required For Access To Report
Pirates Attacked Vessel and 23 Crew Early This Morning
Subscription Required
Hostage Freed After Family And Friends Pay Ransom
Pirates Undeterred, Demand $2 Million Ransom
Five Asphalt Venture Crew Members Held By Pirates For 17 Months
Pirate Commander Of Fatxi Group's Guards Killed
Latest Reports Indicate The Ship Is Safe
Puntland's Minister For Sea Transport Discusses The Outcomes
Pirates Plan to Continue Using it as Mother Ship
18 Pirates and 17 Hostages On Board When Absalon Intercepted the Mothership
Six Pirates Detained and Two Officers Injured in Clash
London Conference Focusses International Attention On Piracy, Hijacks Continue
Hanaano's Mother Bemoans Bitter Fruits of Son's Exploits
Pirates, Investors Planning to Begin Operations on February 20th
State Purchases Speed Boats to Stem Piracy and Illegal Fishing
ASWJ Releases Previously Sentenced Pirates
MV Free Goddess Sighted Near Garacad
MV Free Goddess Seized by Somali Pirates
Former Somali Official Lambasts Anti-Piracy Mission Off Somali Coast
Eight Pirates Placed Under Arrest
Two Hostages Landed from MT Enrico Ievoli Brought Back Onboard
Hijacked Iranian Fishing Dhows Sets Out From Garacad
Pirates Demand $8 Million Ransom
Pirates Demand $8-$12M for Michael Scott Moore
Two Frustrated Mogadishu Youths Dream of High Seas Adventure
Is Piracy Driving Growth in Puntland?
Pirates Claim $8 Million Ransom
Problem Compounded by Al-Shabaab Movements into Puntland
Ship Sailing to North Africa When Attacked by Pirates
12 Pirates Captured by the US Navy During Rescue Operation
The Vessel had been in Captivity Since September 2010
Residents React to Pirate Violence and the Recent Shooting of Somali Journalist
Pirates Threaten to Kill European Hostages if Prospective Plans go Ahead
Galmudug Cabinet Member Returns Home After Ordeal With Pirates
Pirates Guard Vessel with Crew of 18 Offshore
Gang Divided Over Release of Indian Seafarers
Indian Crew From MV Asphalt Venture Remain in Pirate Custody
Central Region Joins Anti-Piracy Fight
Italian Tanker And Crew of 18 Taken at Dawn
Pirate Gangs Step Up Attacks After Police Operations
Garacad Village Cleared, Officials Credit Assistance of Locals
Somali Hijackers Turn Against Civilians
Pirates Plan to Put Sick MV Iceberg Hostages on Land
Pirates Released 21 of 25 Crew, Still Holding South Koreans
FV Aride Returns to Harardhere
Local Residents Aid in Arrests in Dhanane and Qoryaley Villages
Pirates Spread Rumors in Attempts to Win Propaganda War and Increase Ransom
Anti Piracy Conference Focused on Humanitarian Impact of Piracy
Fighting Piracy From The Wrong Side of the World
Marie Dedieu Dies During Ordeal
Complex System of Chief Selection, Telecom Choices, Ransom Distribution
50 Trucks, 120 Containers, And Aggressive Plans For Eliminating Piracy
The Attack Occurred Near The Somali Border
Pirate Group Ventures Deep Into Red Sea
Now Only $3,995,000 US
Released Captives Create New "I Was Kidnapped In Somalia" Genre
Philippine Crew Member Shot During Hijack, According to Pirates
Say Reports of $9 Million Drop Unfounded
Residents of Koyama Island Report Worsening Condition of Kidnapped Couple
Abu Dhabi Hosts Counter Piracy Event To Form Solutions
Bulk Carrier Recaptured Within Hours of Hijacking
IMO Chief Opens Information Sharing Center In Mombasa
More Piracy Solutions Than Pirates?
Piracy Report Subscription
August 7th-14th 2012
FGS Sachsen, part of EU NAVFOR’s Operation Atalanta
FGS Sachsen, part of EU NAVFOR’s Operation Atalanta

This week’s quick statistics:

Number of merchant ships held by Somali pirates: 8
Number of hostages held by Somali pirates on land: 28
Number of hostages held by Somali pirates on vessels: 222
Amount paid in ransoms to Somali pirates in 2012: $29.2 million

Pirates have been back in the game trying their luck with two successful dhow hijackings off the Omani coast, an area where the waters have been more...

August 1st - 7th 2012
Two Vessels Soon To Be Released, PMPF Enters Eyl
Pirates Get Ready For More Attacks, Confusion Over Possible Oil Tanker Hijack
Pirate Attacks Persist, One Successful Hijack, Counter Piracy Forces Work Harder
Pirate Attacks Down Due to Tough Weather Conditions
American, Spanish Hostages Moved Again; Pirates Flooding into Hafun
Weekly Report: Friday January 6, 2012
Investors Want Their Share, Seize Hostages and Vessel
MV Albedo
MV Albedo

A week after Somali pirates released seven of the 21 crew of the hijacked MV ALBEDO, Somalia Report has learned that pirate commanders and investors are fighting over the ransom.

On July 31st of this year, pirates released seven Pakistani crew members who had been held over 20 months after receiving $1.2 million in ransom. Since then, pirate investors demanded $700,000 of the take to be used for reinvesting while the remaining $500,000 was to be divided to the all members including commanders, investors and Ilaalo group, as well as negotiators from Himan and Heeb administration, according to pirates who spoke to Somalia Report.

But the pirate commanders, led by Guushaaye, refused to hand over $200,000 of the money resulting in a major conflict among the two groups with the hostages and the vessel being...

Two Staff Members Wounded in the Attack
Confusion over whether hostages were rescued or ransomed
Pirates Demand $4 Million for Two Fishermen After Ship Sinks
Ransom Demand Made 49 Days After Hijacking
Real Figure Supposedly Initially Obscured in 'New Tactics'
Hostages Said To Be in Good Condition
Should Shipping Companies Lower Surcharges to Reflect Lower Threat?
Chandlers Paint an Ugly Picture of Government Indifference in UK Hearing
Garaad Group Fires Negotiator, But Agrees to Hand Over Two Sick Hostages
Marie Dedieu is Reportedly "Alright" Despite Cancer, Heart Problems
Crews Unharmed, the Ship En Route to a Safe Port
Widow Held In Same Town as Chandlers
Ship and Crew Held for 10 Months
No owner, No Cargo and No Hope of Ransom
Somalia-Dominated Area of Nairobi Built Largely on Diaspora Money, Business
Ransom Money Remains in Central Bank
Arrest of Security Team, Tough Stance on Ransom Could Endanger Seamen
$3.6 Million Ransom Money and Aircraft Seized by Government
Highly Promoted Attack "Will Make Life Difficult" for Pirates
European Union Helicopter
European Union Helicopter

The European Union Naval Force known as EU NAVFOR is promoting the first of their long touted attacks on pirate camps within a narrow 2km strip along the coast of...

Force Welcomed by Mayor and Locals but Not by UN SEMG
Five to 20 Year Prison Sentences For Offenders
Rent Your Own Private Gunboat for Around $10K a Day
Citadels Must Be Appropriately Set Up to Work
Lawyer Hopes to Cut Deal on Bail for Ransom Team
World Maritime University and IMO Host Conference on Seafarers' Welfare
Shootout on Mothership Kills Four Pirates
Tedium, Stars And Trading Sand For Brine
NATO Commander Highlights Scale of Anti-Piracy Task
Maritime Force On Their Way To Rescue 7 Ship Officers Ransomed But Not Released
Exclusive Details on Raid In Puntland To Nab Latest SV Quest Suspect
Stiff Sentences Show No Effect On Piracy
Elders And Community Enforce Zero Tolerance Approach To Criminals
UK Court Defends Right Of Insurance Companies To Pay Ransom To Pirates
Now Infamous Mothership Returns for Repairs
Despite Pirates and International Naval Patrols, Fishermen Doing Well
Somali Fisherman
©Somalia Report
Somali Fisherman
Fishing has long been a livelihood for the people of Somalia, due to its 3,300 km coastline along the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. Hamarweyne district in eastern Mogadishu, which serves as a popular fishing market, reported increased activity in recent months despite threats to fishermen from pirates, increased naval patrols, and illegal trawlers.

Hasan Ahmed Omer, deputy manager of Sunrise Restaurant (branch one) in the Hamarweyne Hotel at Via Roma, told Somalia Report that he spends at least $250 on fish per week for his customers and his net revenues are $130.

“We make our customers beef, chicken and fish, but lately our residents mainly demand fish. In December of last year we bought one kilogram of fish for 100Sh ($4.50) but now it is between 60 to 80Sh ($2.70 - $3.64),” Hasan explained. “It is less expensive so people now eat more of it. Now you can see several women roasting fish at night in Mogadishu's roads such as Via Liberia, which it connects to the Maka Al-mukarama to Villa Somali."

In 1989 the former Somali government estimated approximately 32 types of fish were available in the Somalia's territorial waters. Today it is unknown what types of fish are available, but one vendor explained what he catches on a regular basis.

“Most Somali people catch and cook popular fish called ‘Jedar', 'Safiti', and ‘Yunbi' which are the most expensive types of fish and the ones people like to eat the most. ‘Danberi’, ‘Safiti’,...

Move Aimed at Decreasing Piracy
Puntland Helping to Differentiate Between Pirates and Fishermen
Somali Pirates Use Commercial Vessels to Hijack
Fishermen and Officials Blame Pirates, Illegal Trawlers, International Navies
Somalia Report Finds Successful Grass Roots Resistance To Pirates
Residents Concerned About Toxic Chemicals In Waters Off Somalia's Coast
Local Economy Devastated By Piracy in Bosaso
Smugglers Loan Boats to Pirates for Ransom Share
Somalis in Mareero, near Bosaso, waiting for the boats to take them to Yemen
Somalia Report
Somalis in Mareero, near Bosaso, waiting for the boats to take them to Yemen

Exceedingly difficult living conditions in southern and central Somalia have caused tens of thousands of refugees to transit through Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of Somalia, to board dhows for a risky journey across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen in order to escape fighting, al-Shabaab militants, rape, starvation, and poverty.

According to the Puntland government and local non-governmental organizations, ten thousands of refugees from Somalia and Ethiopia make their way to the Puntland smuggling hubs of Mareero, Qaw and Elayo, all located in Bari region, to begin the perilous journey...