Air and Land Based Attacks Hit Shabaab Stronghold
Kenyan F-5 fighter
©Northrup Grumman
Kenyan F-5 fighter

At 6:40pm Saturday evening, air and sea based strikes hit the port city of Kismayo, a stronghold of the al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia's Lower Juba region, killing three civilians. Residents believe the strikes were carried out by Kenyan naval and air forces which are preparing to seize the city from the Islamic militants with the help of forces from the Somalia government, African Union, and the pro-government Ras Kamboni militia.

Airplanes have been spotted flying low level over the city for the last week, likely conducting reconnaissance missions for this evening's attack. Residents also believed today's attack was a test of the city's defenses in preparation for the upcoming battle for control of Kismayo. Today's operation started from warships and then followed by fighter jets which targeted known military and residential sites for al-Shabaab fighters, according to residents....

Two Fighter Jets Spotted Over Key 'Targets' in Port City
Some Delegates Defiant, Some Fearful
Constitution Approved by 96% as Two Suicide Bombers Attempt to Target Gathering
Sheikh Robow and Sheikh Dhere Demand Residents Give Recruits, Money, Animals
Pro-Government Militia Groups Vying for Control of Strategic Port City
17 Shabaab Fighters Killed, Weapons Seized as Allies Advance on Bardere
ASJW Wooing Local Communities to Strengthen Power, Secure Towns
Hostages From Norway, Canada, Pakistan and the Philippines
Public Support in Lower Juba, Gedo Enables Militants to Continue
Ship Carrying Sugar, Petrol Accidentally Hits Rock
Suspected Nigerian Men Arrive with Horses and Weapons in Mahaday
Residents Fearful of Ethiopian, ASWJ and Al-Shabaab
Port Serves as Economic Hub for Al-Shabaab
TFG and KDF Seize Biibi, 75km From Kismayo, After Shabaab Flees
Al-Shabaab Militiants Flee City as TFG-KDF-Ras Kamboni Advance
Insurgents Claim They Repelled Attack, One Child Dead
26 Trucks, Uniforms Donation by the United States
Refugee Camp in Chaos as Police Restore Security
First Somali Bank Aims to Strengthen Somali Commercial Banking
Marehan-Gurreh Clan Battles at Border May Be Coming to an End
Brainwashing, Bribes, Kidnapping Part of Shabaab's 'Recruitment' Process
15 Elders Arrested Over Alleged Plans to Form an Independent State
Protesting MPs Call for New Presidential Election for April 30
TFG On Reconstruction Path, Calls for Diaspora to Return and Invest
Galmudug Attempting to Remove Pirates Without International Support
TFG Soldier Sentenced to Death for Murdering Colleague
Al-Shabaab Throws Grenade in Baidoa's Exchange Market
SR Interviews Hussein Haji Ahmed, the Somali deputy ambassador to Yemen
Two Kenyan Soldiers Abducted by al-Shabaab in January Alive but Chained
Wajid Residents Fear Fighting is Imminent as al-Shabaab Fortifies Defenses
33 Person Delegation Talks Pirates with Puntland Officials
Abdirahman Mohamed Ahmed Survives Attack in Wadajir
ASWJ Tries to Quell Violence in Abud-Wak
Five Al-Shabaab Intelligence Agents, Fighters Arrested
Turkish Airline Flight Lands at Aden Adde Airport
Jibril Ahmed Diiriye, Intelligence Officer, Caught in Kampala
Troops Heading for Bur-Hakaba
Puntland Police and Darwish Forces Claim Shabaab Bases Funded By Foreigners
Children Among Those Killed Watching Football Match
Dissent in Ranks as Some Galgala Militants Abandon Group
Midnimo, or Unity, Party Declared in Mogadishu
KDF Airplanes Disperse Crowds in Kismayo
Al-Shabaab Vows to Punish Captured Burhakabo Militiamen
Militants Would Rather Die Than Lose Port City of Kismayo
20 Suspects Arrested in Security Sweep
Overwhelming Number of Troops in Area, Locals Say
KDF and TFG Advance Towards Kismayo
Thousands of Troops, 60 Military Vehicles, 20 Tanks Deploy to 3 Regions
TFG Unfazed by Announcement, Ready to Fight
Pirates Seek Revenge; Another American Held
Explosion Hits TFG Base in Belet Hawo
12 Injured in Attack on Mosque Frequented by ASWJ Members
Mixed Reaction to Ethiopia's Role in Fighting al-Shabaab
Two Al-Shabaab Vehicles Destroyed in Lower Juba
The City Has Long Been The Epicenter of Civil Strife
Hargeisa Channel Accused of Spreading Dissent and Division in Somaliland
Nairobi Counter-Terrorism Branch Detains 29, Seeks Shabaab Recruiter
Sheikh Abdurrahman Mudey Officially Confirmed, Vows to Keep KDF From Kismayo
13 Dead and 30 Arrested Across Southern, Central Somalia
Governor Sheikh Hasan Yakub Ali and Religious Leader Sheikh Abdinasir Fired
'Hundreds' of Troop Seen Walking Towards Base in Luq
Fighting Breaks Out in Mogadishu
Airstrikes Hit Al-Shabaab Bases
Hostages of FV Prantalay Request Food and Medicine
A Year Starting in Hope and Ending in War, Famine and Political Upheaval
AMISOM Increasing Security in Capital Ahead of UN Roadmap Unity Conference
Sheikh Gelle Accused of Undermining Government
Meetings Held To Discuss Roadmap To End Transitional Period
Claims Corruption Endemic to State Administration
Co-Founder of Mogadishu City Volunteers Speaks
TFG Troops Supporting Mine Action Battle Other TFG Forces
Grenade Kills One While Landmine Kills Bomber
An Analytical Look at the No Confidence Vote Against Speaker
Weapons Found Hidden in Tanker in Hiiraan Region
Name Change, Internal Rifts, Old Rivalries, Hinder Agreement
Al-Shabaab Demands 500 Dockworkers Join Militants to Fight TFG
Ban Assures Somalis of UN Support Towards Peace Building
Disunity Creating Opportunity for Al-Shabaab
Women Trained in Suicide Attacks and Assassinations to be Deployed to Mogadishu
Aircraft Hits Targets in Bardhere, Three Dead and Children Amongst Wounded
Kenyans Divided on the Move
TFG-Ethiopian Troops Plan Dawn Attack Against Al-Shabaab
Kenyan Troops Support TFG Fight Against Al-Shabaab
Somalis Disagree on Intervention of Foreign Troops in Struggle With Al-Shabaab
Militants Kidnap Boys for Jihad, Accuse Residents of Working with Government
Al-Shabaab Declares 'Islamic Emirate' of Somalia
One Dead, Many Businesses Destroyed, Puntland President Asks for Assistance
Officials Encourage Maintenance Of Past Agreements
TFG Leaders Stage a Soccer Match as a Sign of Peace
Participants To Discuss Road Map To Country's Future
Al-Shabaab Seizes Bulacle
Militants Admits to Recruiting from Minority Clans in Juba Regions
Somali Doctor to Treat Danish Demining Group Hostages in Harardhere
An Array of Local Militia United to Weed Out Al-Shabaab, But Who Takes Over?
TFG-SVA Forces Seize Al-Shabaab Controlled Villages as Militants Arrests Locals
Sheikh Ali Mohamud Confirms Islamic Insurgent Group Uncoordinated, Divided
Four Insurgents Killed in Dhobley, Lower Juba
Elders Devise Strategy to Fight Miliants in Middle and Lower Shabelle Regions
Crew Survives Crash Landing
Militants Burn Khat Delivery Vehicle From Kenya
Students, Businessmen, Elders Arrested in El-Bur
Sharif Visits Huriwa and Yaqshid Districts for the First Time in Four Years
Kenyan Military Posts Video of Incident, Claims 18 Al-Shabaab Fighters Killed
Al-Shabaab Flees Burgabo in Lower Juba, South of Kismayo
45 Militants Attack Kenyan Soldiers in First Fight with Kenyan Ground Forces
"Fighting is Imminent" Says Al-Shabaab as Troops Advance to Taabta and Qooqani
Closed Door Meeting Underway About AMISOM Airstrikes in Daynile district
Militants Close Voice of Hiraan Radio and Execute Two Businessmen
General Sheikh Yusuf Mohamed Siyad (Indhaa-Adde) Lends Support to TFG
Suicide Bomber Targets TFG but Kills Only Himself
Kenya-TFG Forces Take Control of Strategic Towns in Somalia's Lower Juba Region
Kenya Declares War on Al-Shabaab, Sends Helicopters and Troops to Lower Juba
Al-Shabaab Base Near Taabta Village Hit by Airstrikes
SOS Children's Village Hospital Maternity Ward Evacuated
Interview with Ras Aseyr President Farah Doha Jog
Locals Claim Drones Killed Residents while TFG Blames Al-Shabaab Mortars
TFG Troops Seemingly In Control of The Volatile Somali Capital
Kismayo Residents Confirm Airport Camp Hit, Dhobley Also Reports Fly Overs
Deputy Director of Amniyaat (Assassinations) Captured in Berbera
Insurgent Official Denies Harassing Farmers but Confirms Seizures
Uganda's Defense Minister Visits Mogadishu
Foreign Fighters of Al-Shabaab Plan to Disrupt Kenyan Tourism, Kidnap Foreigners
ASWJ's Ethiopian Trained Troops Prepared to Fight
TFG Claims 25 Al-Shabaab Fighters Killed, Including 4 Senior Leaders
Workers Denied Access to IDPs in al-Shabaab Controlled Areas of Mogadishu
Exclusive Interview with Djibouti Minister for Foreign Affairs
Port Workers Witness Gunmen, Speedboats and Hostage Coming Ashore
Militants Agree to Release Prisoners, Stop Fighting, and Pay Restitution
Building Housed Somali IDPs, Mostly Women and Children
4 Dead as Local Militia Tries to Defend their Animals From Al-Shabaab
Say Accusations of Al-Shabaab Links Unfounded
Somalia Report Speaks to Family of Former Al-Shabaab Leader of Sakow District
Insurgents Might Succeed Due to Clan Rift Among TFG Soldiers in Gedo
Militants Increase Harassment of Residents in Areas Under Their Control
Mogadishu Residents Tip Off Police
Goats, Sheep, Cattle Killed on Fire Aboard Ship Bound for Dubai
Mogadishu Begins Renovations of Police Stations, but Awaits UNPOS Funding
20 Fighters Killed, 30 Injured as TFG Battles Al-Shabaab in Busar Village
Troops To Be Drawn From Djibouti and Sierra Leone
Somalis Complain of Human Rights Abuses in Prison
Aweys Says Differences With Godane Causing Problems
Militants Desert Main Base in Middle Juba, Taking Equipment With Them
Staff to Be Moved From Nairobi by Year End
Militants Flee El-Bur District in Galgaduud Region
Experts Argue Al-Shabaab is Fully Defeated and Demoralized
ASWJ Kills Al-Shabaab Officials in Ambush
Move Follows on From Samosa Ban
Militants Arrest 'Spies' as Godane Hints that al-Shabaab May Break into Factions
Sheikh Aydarus Sheikh Ahmed Siid Warsame Elected New Leader of ASWJ
UNICEF Says Arrest Was for Personal Reasons
Airstrikes Create Chaos within Militants as Some Flee, Some Hide and More Arrive
Defence Minister Denies Knowledge of Latest Raid
Suspected US Drones or Planes Target Insurgents and Foreign Fighters
Militants Restrict Movements of Locals and IDPs, Open Food Distribution Center
Soldiers Free to Leave After "Selling" Their Weapons to Insurgents
TFG Retakes Bohol-Bashiir Village but Al-Shabaab Denies Losing
Former Somalia Defense Mnister Arrested Last Month
Al-Shabaab Battles Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa as Both Sides Claim Victory
Militants Confiscating Homes, Forcing Farmers to Pay for Free River Water
Al-Shabaab Won't Let Students Graduate Unless They Join Jihad
Clashes Kill 8 as Al-Shabaab Attacks ASWJ Supported Village
Generals Return to Gedo Following Disputes with Ethiopia After Arrests
ASWJ Adds 700 New Fighters to Battle Al-Shabaab
Raskamboni and Gov't Troops Flee Across Kenyan Border
Al-Shabaab Forces Weapons Traders to Supply Their Jihad
Press Stunt Brings Focus On Financial Underpinnings of Somali Regions
Elders, Women and Children Training to Fight for Militants
Southern Residents Cite Lack of Discpline with TFG Troops, Commanders Worry
700 Recruits Being Trained, But Not Enough to Defeat Militants
Residents Flee the Fighting, Al-Shabaab on the Run
Forces Hunt for Atom's Militia, Arrest His Local Supports
Tensions High in Dhobley
Kismayo Next Target on TFG's Military Offensive
Locals and AMISOM Accuse TFG Forces of Unethical Behavior
Lack of Political Unity Hampering Success Against Al-Shabaab
'Brainwashed' Insurgents Captured Doing Reconnaissance in Gerbaharey
Al-Shabaab Forces Kismayo Students to Fight Jihad Instead of Going to School
Militants Battle ASWJ in Galgudug and TFG/AMISOM in Mogadishu
Rally Gathers Top Officials in Public For First Time Since 2008
Al-Shabaab Retakes Town After TFG Militias Flee Over Payment Disputes
ASWJ Plans Offensive Against Al-Shabaab for Death of Leader
2 Dead, 3 Injuried as Wall Comes Down During Football Game
Top Military and Police Officials Warn TFG Officials to Stop Bickering
Top Leaders Plan Counterattacks During 10 Hour Meeting in Kismayo
Crew Accused of Illegal Fishing
Grave of President's Grandfather Destroyed
Al-Shabaab to be Targeted in Bay, Kismayo, Bakool and Gedo
Somalia Report Interviews Sheik Ma'alim Mahdi
Schools Forced To Teach Jihad, Parents Keep Kids Home, Educators Helpless
Hormud and Nationlink ordered out of Dhusamareb and Guri-cel
Al-Shabaab Searches For Government Spies, Khat Sellers
Some Prisoners Transferred to Secret Prisons
Pro-government Raskamboni Troops Welcome The Defectors
10 Somalis Arrested in Galgadug for Illegally Exporting Livestock
Money, Clan Interests And Brutality Driving Movement
Angered By Ban on Commercial Vehicles, Aid
Cramped and Dangerous Conditions, Alleged Misues of Funds
19 Injured in Hand Grenade Attack
Brutality By Under-Pressure Al-Shabaab Alienating Troops
Rift Between UN And TFG Grows
Insurgent Group Emphasizes Humanitarian Credentials
Five Leaders Sacked Amid TFG Link Accusations
20 Women and Vehicle Seized By Insurgents After Tip
Kenyan and Ethiopian Trained Forces Rely On Foreigners, Not Each Other
Al Shabab Controlled Areas Are Main Markets for Stolen Goods
Mortars, Landmines, Accidents, Trenches Leave Roads In Ruins
Puntland Leaders Say Drought Is Punishment For Immoral Lifestyles
Puntland Plans To Eradicate Polio From The Region
4,000 More African Union Forces Sent To Help Battle Al Shabaab
Schools Closed For Teaching Al Qaeda-Type Islamic Ideology
Police and Community Integration Lessons Successful
Unexploded Mortar Is Left Over From Recent Clashes
A Man And Woman Are Shot In Sakow Town
Al Shabaab Forcibly Recruiting Elderly Men To Fight In Mogadishu
Continued Clashes Rock The Capital, Killing Civilians
Somali-Kenyan Border Town Of Diff Taken By Insurgents
Al Shabaab Retreats To Bardera, TFG Forces On The Way There
Sheikh Fanah Gulet Urgers Fighters To Take Control Of Southern Region
TFG Banadir Local administration Conducts Training
TFG and Al Shabaab Both Claim Victory
Kenyan Trained TFG Soldiers Go After Al Shabaab In Gedo Region
TFG Military Offensive To Rid Somalia Of Al Shabaab Continues
Militants Confirm They Are Training Children And Elderly
Al Shabab Fails To Hit Targets In Border Town
At Least 24 Killed In Ceel-lahelay and God-durwa, Central Somalia
Somali National Television To Start Service Within Days
Both Sides Prepare For More Battles
English and Arabic Speaking Fighters Train Kids in Bar-Dhuur
Militants Recuriting and Training Hundreds of Fighters
Town Calm After Fierce Fighting
Al Shabaab Attacks Government Positions in Hodan
Somali Women in Mogadishu Gather To Commemorate
Defense Spokesperson Speaks To Somalia Report
One Refugee Settlement Swells To Over 300,000 People
Hiiraan, Galguduud and Gedo Regions Tense As Fighting Looms
Income Falls As Costs Rise
Militia Moves Into Galguduud Region Wearing Ethiopian Uniforms
Radio Station Shut Down By TFG After Shabaab Defector Interviews
National Olympic Committee Continues 30 Year Tradition Despite War
Militants Are Given One Month To Demobilize
by Mohamed Olad Hassan
Militants Believe Economic Embargo Will Harm TFG and AMISOM
Business in Kismayo
©Somalia Report
Business in Kismayo

As the hard-line Islamist group al-Shabaab prepares to defend Kismayo, one of its last and most important strongholds, it has announced a new strategy that it hopes will deliver a crippling blow to the military efforts of its opponents - the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and AMISOM.

In a move likely to bring additional hardship to communities still suffering from the effects of drought and famine, al-Shabaab has over the last week declared that it will block the transportation of goods and foodstuffs from the port of Kismayo to areas no longer under its control in the Gedo, Lower Juba and Bay regions of Somalia. The reason provided by al-Shabaab is that this economic embargo will have a devastating effect on the logistics of the TFG and its African Union allies.

“I swear the almighty Allah who created this earth, the infidels and their supporters will face (a) hard time that (will) force them to return (to) their home countries. From now on, the mujahedeen are stopping the vehicles transporting goods from Kismayo port to the...

Shabaab Rule Imposed Heavy Taxes and Curfews
Farmers Blame Ethiopia of Diverting Water
Shabaab Road Closures Crippled Gedo Region
Mogadishu's Main Market
Businessmen Blame Turkey, Others Blame Influx of US Dollars
Somaliland Police Open Fire As Shop Owners Resist Demolitions
TFG Expects to Seize the Capital of Bakol Within Hours
Africa Oil's Project Drawing Mixed Reaction
Somalia Report Interviews Businessman in Dadaab's Hagardere
TFG and AMISOM Extinguish Fire, Secure Site From Looters
GSP Warns Drilling will Ignite Clan Warfare
Somalia's Largest Market Devastated by War, but Hope Prevails
Africa Oil Corp and Puntland Officially Open Drilling in Bari Region
Businessmen Afraid of Being Accused of Supporting Al-Shabaab
Hawala Money Transfer is Common Among Somalis
Inflation, Insecurity Affect Day-to-Day Operations
$6.3 Million in Revenue Over Past 3 Months
Al-Shabaab Claims TFG Tried to Kill Sheikh Fuad Mohamed Kalaf Shongole
Shots Fired at Golis Office in Galkayo
Prime Minister Visits Bakara for First Time Since Taking Office
Markets Closed for Two Years Due to Al-Shabaab, Re-Opened by TFG/AMISOM
Traders Accused of Profiting From Dollar Influx
Major Revenue Stream Cut Off for Somali Militants
Men Detained for Trying to Return to Their Businesses Mogadishu's Bakara Market
Insurgents Selling SUV's for Quick Cash as They Flee Mogadishu
Closed for Two Months to Conduct 'Clean-Up' Operations
Drought Decimates Livestock, Hits Incomes
Officials Say Concerns Over Security Being Addressed
Flat Tyres and Late Landings
Price of Food Increases as Bakara Market Remains Closed
China To Help Expand Somaliland's Main Port
Two Weeks After Shelling, Communications Still Sporadic
Authorities Say Move Aimed At Improving Safety Among Civilians
Hawala Businesses and Online Media Most Affected
Dispute Over Cargo Handling To Blame
Total Mer Rouge SA General Manager and Chief Accountant Held
Rift Between New State and Puntland Authority Likely To Blame
Insurgent Tax Demands Cause Stalls To Close
Lower Shabelle Residents Angry, Say Business Will Be Hit
Blackout Cost $1 Million, Say Traders
Prices Rising As Movement Restricted
Businesses Must Pay $2000 Or Join Jihad
Somalia's Internet Cafes And Users Face Variety Of Obstacles
Militants Refuse Trucks in Luuq, Businesses Suffer As Prices Increase
Drought Severely Affecting Livestock Traders, Economy
Drought Assitance, Hospital Expansion, Clan Reconcilation Highlighted
Drought Affects Price of Food
Despite Piracy, Fisherman Staying Busy Selling at Hammar-wein Market
Pirate Ransoms Force Prices Up On Most Goods
Puntland Students Celebrating Anniversary
©Somalia Report
Puntland Students Celebrating Anniversary

Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland today celebrated its 14th anniversary as a state, which was established in Garowe, the administrative capital, on August 1, 1998.

Although almost every city in Puntland celebrated, Garowe was the hub of anniversary celebrations which were presided over by Puntland President Abduhaman Farole. Hundreds of people from different parts of the state as well as officials, students, and Puntland forces marched through the streets, carrying the Puntland flag.

The city was on high alert due to threats from the al-Shabaab militant group and security forces could be seen throughout Garowe, closing streets and...

Former Warlord Col. Abdi Awale Qaybdiid Wins Election
Hasan Mohamoud Hail Selected as Speaker of Parliament Again
Presidential Hopefuls, Elders, Officials Disagree Over Election Dates
Puntland Arrests Yemeni in Boat Carrying Weapons
IGAD Meeting Holds Promise, But Elders Absence Points to Future Conflict
Beyla Suffering From Piracy and Illegal Overfishing
Puntland Ready to Fight, Gets Support From Af-urur Village Residents
Soldier Shoots Friends After Argument While Chewing Khat
Puntland's Proposed Changes to Constitution
Al-Shabaab's Abdi Shakur Ali Oma Leading the Charge
Party Chairmen Outraged as Only 6 of 15 New Parties Meet Requirements
"Conference Lacks Clarity," Says Somaliland Foreign Minister
Residents Fear Fighting Imminent in Mountainous Region
SR Speaks to Former Prime Minister Ali Khalif Galeyr
Rapid Response Unit Storms Rally in Hargeisa
Third Casualty for Puntland Marine Police Forces
Sub-Clans Exchange Camels To Discharge Traditional Blood-Debt
Operations Resume for 4 NGOs Accused of Corruption
Abdifatah Hassan Afrah Named to Be the New Chairman
Ethiopians Holding Prisoners Without Charge, TFG Silent While Civilians Suspect
Somalia Report's Exclusive Interview With Former Minister of Security
Somalia Report Interviews Rako Governor Farah Mohamud Ibrahim
SR Speaks to Somaliland Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Omar
Shabaab Deputy Governor For Kismayo Denies Weakening of Forces, Pledges to Fight
SR Interviews a Dissenting Commander of the Galgala Militia
Al-Shabaab, Galgala Militia Planning Attacks Against Bosaso, Oil Operations
Residents Say Somaliland Government Not Doing Enough
SCS President Mohamed Hashi Abdi Supports Eradication of Shabaab
Somalia Report Interviews Puntland Minister of Security
Shabaab Mobilizing For Defense of Kismayo
Ethiopian-Imposed Curfew Stifling Life, Two Islamists Found Dead
Battle Over Land, Water and Resources Fuel Local Conflicts
Mohamed Abdulahi Xasan Jidhif Fired Amid Battles with Khatumo
17 More Survivors Found, in Serious Condition After 7 Days Without Food or Water
Al-Shabaab Foreign Fighters Join Sheikh Atom's Militia
Son Tries to Defend MP Bile Mohamud Yusuf from Gunmen
Khatumo Reports 86 Somaliland Soldiers Dead, 30 Captured
Martin Leduele Deported for Eluding Security Teams
Journalists Detained After Protest Released
President Farole Warns His Administration Will Not Tolerate Attacks
Politics, Clans and Al-Shabaab Blamed
Ethiopian-trained TFG troops Prepared to Fight Alongside AMISOM
TFG Officials Accused of Fomenting Division; Have Yet to Comment
Citing Growing Unrest, Puntland Prepares its Forces for War
Four Soldiers Injured in Blast From Land Mine
Somalia Report Interviews President Abdull-Qadid Mohamed Bahadon
A Prominent Businessman Among The Casualties
Two Men Accused of Spying For Kenya and TFG Beheaded By Militants
One Dead, Two Wounded by Unknown Attackers as Clan Violence Grows
Clashes Break Out Between Airport Forces and Clan Militias in Divided City
Attack Injures Three Police, Two Civilians and Police Blame Al-Shabaab
Local Employee Shot and Killed in Galkayo
19 Dead, 25 Injured in Clan Fighting in Karkaar Region
Puntland Forces Seize Four Men, Residents Fear Police and Militants
Osman Ahmed Osman Killed By Gunmen After Evening Prayers
Somaliland Fights Clan Militia in Erigabo
Police Chief Assassinated as Clan Warfare Breaks Out in Somaliland
Guns Freely Available in More Peaceful Region
Universal TV and Somali TV Accused of Supporting Insecurity
Puntland Police Commander Resigns
Punland Conducts Large Scale Search Operations for Militants
180 Troops Begin Nine Month Training in Uganda
The Detained Youths Allegedly Refused to Join Al-Shabaab
Government Cites Security and Esthetics as Reason Behind Displacement
Somaliland Blames IDPs for Creating Insecurity
Administrative Forces Battled It Out With Local Militia
Assassinations and Bomb Attacks on The Rise
Radio Reporter Shot by Unknown Gunmen in Puntland's Mudug Region
Elders Accuse Puntland Security Forces of Human Rights Abuses and Cover Up
Residents Returing to Homes After 3 Days of Intense Fighting
Army Chief Allegedly Shot by Armed Clan Militia
3 Al-Shabaab Suspects Caught with Explosvies Near Mosque
Fighting Reignites on Friday Morning
Suspects Linked to Al-Shabaab
Pres Sharif Visits Puntland Amid Rift with Prime Minister
Killing Comes in the Wake of TFG's Top Leadership's Arrival
Gunmen Kill 6 in Restaurant, Assailant Throws Grenade in Radio Station
Critics Argue Law Restricts Rights of Citizens
Somaliland Officials Get 10 Years for Creating Insecurity, Illegal Intervention
Gunmen Assassinate Leader in Bosaso
UCID Offices Closed Until Infighting Resolved
Commissioner of Israac District Gunned Down After Evening Prayers
Clans Fight in Gabayah Village as Insecurity in Puntland Grows
Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose Resigns to Form New Political Party
Government Request Officials to Donate Part of Pay for Relief Aid
Former Finance Director and Orphanage Director Guilty of Stealing Funds
Youth and Women Among Those Apprehended
Militants Might Copy Taliban Tactic of Hiding in Mountains
2 Killed on 13 Year Anniversary of Puntland
Puntland President 'Fed Up' with Clan Rilvary
Atam's Brother Released as Part of Peace Agreement
Local Police, Mayor Arrested For Allegedly Helping Gunmen
Preliminary Ceasefire Reached, Talks to Resume Next Month
Crew Escapes Unhurt, Cargo Disappears
Atam's Militia Linked To Al-Shabaab
MP Mohamed Ahmed Dhakool Accused of Orchestrating Assassinations
Military Court Sentences Soldiers for Rape, Robbery, Murder, Looting
Governor Blames Somaliland For Mischief
Smuggled Firearms Fueling Conflict
Puntland President Calls the Act "Cowardly"
Treaty on Thin Ice as SSC Militias Ignore Treaty and Attack Somaliland Bases
4 Elders Might Miss UN Sponsored Meeting in Uganda
Drive for Independence Creates Two Decades of Tension
Both Sides Claim Ownership of Sool and Sanaag Region
Puntland Caught Between SSC and Somaliland Clashes in Gambara
Elders Gather to Discuss Mysterious Incursion
20 Years of Breakaway Status Bring Some Gains
Puntland Blames Somaliland for Insecurity, Supporting Terrorism
The Breakaway Region Calls for More Recognition
Regions Work Together Against Pirates, Criminals To Improve Security
Is the New Region Really Just a Proxy for Kenya?
Contested Galmudug Presidential Election to be Held on August 1st

After the autonomous state of Galmudug's new parliament was sworn in and selected a new speaker and two deputies on Monday, the electoral commission...

Maxamuud Seyyid Adan, Parliamentarian From Gedo, Says Discussions Underway
Interview with Sheikh Abu Abdu Nassir, al-Shabaab Army Officer in Lower Juba
Insurgent Leader's Predictions And Intentions At Odds With Past Retreats
Interview with New Jubbaland President Dr. Ahmed Farah Dualeh
Somalia's HIV Positive Population
Mohamed Ahmed, Milling Grinder Operator
Abidhassan Mohamed, TFG Soldier
Fatima Hassan Nor Galle, TFG Soldier
Ayan Muhyadin, Nurse
Janelle Ali Warsame, Cook
Moalin Adualle Ali, Chairman of Dharkinley District
Abdul Mohamed, Financial Analyst
Isha Mohammed Adan and Fartun Hassan Ibrahim, IDPs
Mohammad Mohmud Ali, TFG Soldier
Medina Ali Tohow, Aid Worker
Major Abdi Abdullahi, Security Officer
Hussein Moalim Mahadi, Porter
Fatima Abukara Abdi, Internally Displaced Child
Hussein Jiinow Afrah, Policeman
Fatima Mohamud Mohammed, Mill Worker
Accomplishments and Challenges for ASWJ
SR Interviews Dr. Hawa Dhiblawe
Al-Shabaab Insists They Will Hold Onto Kismayo, Abu Mansur Not Threatened
SR Talks to Four Women in Dadaab About What Women's Day Means to Them
Widow Struggles to Raise Her Children
Somalia Report Speaks to TFG Major General Yusuf Hussein Osman (Dhuumaal)
Farmer Severely Traumatized After Shabaab Set Him On Fire For Refusing His Farm
Locals Worry About Piracy, Electricity, Militias, PMCs
Parents of Children Killed by Explosives Hidden Call For Their Eradication
Hussein Sheikh Abdi Ismael and Mohamed Abdi Kalil Both Claim Title
Ahmed Haji Ali Adami Discusses Khatumo State, London Conference, Pirates
Somalia Report Interview with Aqil Fasial Abdillahi Fatah (Faisal Dhere)
Somalia Report Interviews One Family That Lost Two Children to Militant Group
Somalia Report Interviews TFG Speaker Madobe Nunow Mohamed
Somalia Report Interviews Zakia Hussen, Secretary General of Hanoolaato Party
Somalia Report Interview with TFG Spokesman Colonel Warfa Sheikh Adan
Somali Journalists Speak About the Dangers They Face
Somalia Report Interview with Khatumo President Ahmed Ali Osman Karaash
Interview: Sheikh Abdullahi Zubeir, al-Shabaab's Deputy Governor of Gedo
Mogadishu Minibus Drivers Face Growing Extortion
Somalia Report Correspondent Goes Behind Enemy Lines in Elasha Biyaha
Somalia Report Interviews ASWJ Spokesman Mohamed Hussein (Awliyo)
Somalia Report Interviews ASWJ's Sheikh Omar Sheikh Abdikadir Aden
Somalia Report Interviews TFG Defense Minister Hussein Arab Isse
Once Successful, Many Somalis Left to Beg
Somalia Report Interviews Sheikh Adam Mohamed Barre (Sheikh Adan Nooh)
Residents Support Kenyan Incursions, but Many Question the Motives
Travel, Communication Banned by Al-Shabaab
Gender No Barrier to Carrying an AK-47
Godane Says Many Top Leaders Dead, Others are Spies
Grandmother Bringing Up 6 Kids After Mortar Killed Mother, Father Fled
Somalia World’s Top Failed State for Fourth Year Running
Teenage Fighter Fled Mogadishu Mission in which Friends Died
Al-Shabaab Advances to Retake Positions from Raskamboni in Dhobley
Locals Protest Political Squabbling and Upcoming UN Conference
Families Claim Forced Marriages Give Girls Better Lives
An Exclusive Interview with Ugandan Lt Colonel
Somalia Report Correspondent Seized By Militia at Gunpoint in Hobyo
Sheik Mukhtar Abdriahim Abu Zuber Released New Audio Message
Group Calls For UN Not To Move To Mogadishu
Interview with ASWJ Coordinator In Benadir Region
An Interview With President Of Somali Olympic Committee
Women Speak Out Against Al Shabaab Abuses
Somalia Report Interviews Presidential Candidate Prof Warfa
Mogadishu Residents Hold Anti Al Shabaab Demonstrations
Somalia Is "Turning Out To Be A Monster Against Its People"
Hundreds March In Nairobi Against Somali Militants
Somalia's Lost Generation
A Woman's Organization Empowers Women, Improves Lives Despite War
Infighting, Financial Woes and Lack of Public Support Hurting the Islamists
Somalia Sends Two Runners to London Olympics
Zamzam Mohamed
Zamzam Mohamed

When she hits the track to run for her beloved country of Somalia in the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer, Zamzam Mohamed hopes that her run will symbolize a course for unity in her war torn country. The 20 year old may not be a favourite to win gold in the games but the fact she would represent Somalia at all is a major accomplishment for a country that has been at war for over two decades.

“I am happy that I will represent my home country Somalia in the London Olympics. It is an honour that I will always cherish. After all they have been...

Are the Elders Qualified to Consult on the Draft Constitution?
Constant Attacks by Al-Shabaab Unnerve Residents, Erode Traditions
Local Officials from Hosingow Request Emergency Aid
Father Laments Daughter’s Marriage to Al-Shabaab Fighter
Afgoye Schools Largely Closed, Parents Worry Over Fate of Children
Somali Religious Leaders Condemn Shabaab's Harsh Interpretation of Islamic Law
FGM Lives On, Despite Calls to Ban It
Two-Day Conference Concludes in Garowe
3 Months of Back-Salary Paid After Fierce Fighting Wins El-Adde & Fafadun
Jealous Wives Kill Husbands in Increasing Numbers
Dadaab Refugee Camp Rampant with Abuse
Ethiopian Troops Reach Luq District
Move Aimed at Restoring Peace and Order in Mogadishu
Widows Hold Families Together, Changing Gender Roles
Fees Demanded from Laborers, Over 15 Year Olds, and New Parents
Relative Security of City Hailed
The Somali Leader Rarely Mingles with City Worshippers
The Militant Group Allegedly Demanded a Bribe
Security Move Angers Muslim Women
It Remains Unclear Why The Militant Group Issued The Order
Assassinations Targeting Officials Cause Alarm
Shooting Heightens Security concerns in The Region
Source Says Mediation is Going on
They Gather in Small Secret House to Pray
Traffic Accidents are Commonplace Due to Reckless Driving and Poor Road Networks
Group accused ASWJ of Poor Leadership
Suspects Accused of Murder and Rape
Girls Forced to Marry al-Shabaab's Foreign Fighters in Somalia
Massive Clean Up Project Underway to Boost City's Image
Medics Warn Many In Grip Of Death
Police Chief Cites Phone Hacking As A Major Problem
Drive Aimed At Combating Measles in Puntland, Somalia
Victims Were Playing With Explosive Device
Minster Asks Parliament to Pass Bill Outlawing FGM, Begin Awareness Campaign
Security Ministers are Key Targets
Country Marks 51st Annivesary
New Poll Shows Rape, Violence and Poor Healthcare
Women Arrested for Dancing, Boys for Playing Football
An Interview with Veteran Musician Mohamed Qarbosh
Move Follows on From Order Forbidding Viewing of Foreign Games
Bantus, Midgans Hit by Persecution Amid Conflict
Defectors, Analysts Claim Shabaab Splintering For Variety of Reasons
Al-Shabaab Top Officials Sheikh Robow and Sheikh Dhere
Al-Shabaab Top Officials Sheikh Robow and Sheikh Dhere

As the allied forces of Somalia, the African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM) and various pro-government militias push the al-Shabaab militant group from key areas in Somalia towards their stronghold in Kismayo, the al-Qaeda aligned organization is rapidly splintering along clan lines and defections are on the rise, according to analysts and defectors who spoke to Somalia Report.

Suge, a Somali political analyst, argues that a number of factors are causing the split and defections: the disorganized administration of the regions they control, disputes over the role of the foreigners in the group, the lack of country-wide operations of the militia, the increased killings of innocent people, clan based politics, lack of funds and supplies, and their pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda.

More than 1,500 previously loyal soldiers of al-Shabaab have deserted the group, according to Ahmed Carale, a former al-Shabaab fighter who spoke to Somalia Report. Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) officials have claimed that more than 500 youths have deserted, however, the official number remains unknown as some...

Over the Horizon View of a Stable Somalia
Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys' Mixed Messages Over Cache
Professor Baadiyow Discusses How the Garowe Agreement Will Work
Al-Shabaab Accused of Assassinating Dr. Ahmed Haji Abdirahman
Life in Capital Slowly Returning to Normal, Despite Lack of Security
Foreign Intervention Does Save Lives Despite Popular Myth of Failure
Meaner, Leaner Shabaab, but Fatter, Even More Dysfunctional TFG in the Making
Op Ed: Extending Parliament Is Best Option
Exploring 3 Options For The Militants
Errors and Contradictions in ICG Report on Somalia
SR Looks at the Candidates for Presidency
Somali Lawmakers (File Photo)
©Somalia Report
Somali Lawmakers (File Photo)

As part of our series on the upcoming elections, Part One presented an overview of Somalia's political parties while today's Part Two introduces the candidates running for president.

The streets of Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, have grown increasingly more secure ever since the Islamist militia al-Shabaab group was evicted from the city in August of the last year by the African Union peacekeeping forces (AMISOM) and Transitional Federal Government (TFG) soldiers. This new found security has, in turn, brought droves of Diaspora back to the country to run for the presidency and heightened the interest of others who remained...

Militants Calls "Independence Day" as "Occupation Day"
ASWJ Wants Role in Administrations After Fighting for TFG
TFG Corruption: No Good Alternative to the Shabab?
Somalia Report Investigates Somalia's Police Forces
Former PM Says Draft Constitution Will Create "New Political Crisis"
Letter to UN, US, UK Says Draft is "Not Suitable" for Somalia
Abduallhi Jamaa Analyses the Debate Over the Draft Constitution
Abdulahi Mohamed Shirwac Pressured by President and PM
Al-Shabaab Seen to Adopt Guerilla Tactics and Political Subversion in Somaliland
Minister Osman Awad Ali Dies From Chronic Kidney Failure
Communique Released to Speed Up Constitutional Draft, Alter Numbers for Assembly
Pirates, Clans, Militias Creating Insecurity in Region
Parliament Speaker's Interview with Somalia Report
Somaliland Aggressively Countering Corruption Charges
Former Prime Minister Speaks to SR About Mahiga and Plans for the Future
Six Different Denominations Printed to Replace Existing 1,000 Shilling Note
Banadir Administration Rejects new Ex-Banadir State
New Party Seeks to Participate in August Elections
Minister Tells SR Ethiopia Was Invited, Navy Soon Active
Somali Women Challenge Men Who Have Led Somalia Into Conflict
Locals Hopeful For Return of Aid, Shabaab Base Manas Seized
Part II: Of Budgets and Briefcase Ministries
SR Interviews Spokesman Yariisow After Conference
269 MPs Want Presidential Elections Four Months Early
SR Interviews Citizens Across the Country, Mixed Reactions Abound
Somalia Report Speaks to ASWJ Chairman About Recent Rifts
Part I: The Cash Kleptocracy
African Union Approves More Troops
Constitutional Fast Track May Also Include Farole Running For President
Galmudug Officials and National Constitutional Committee Upset at Proceedings
MPs Say UN/TFG Ignore Them and Support (Former) Speaker Hassan Instead
3 Parties Unite to Form Daljir, Plan to Participate in August Elections
Al-Shabaab/Al-Qaeda Union Prompts Swift Action
Celebrations Come Amid Scourge of Piracy and Illegal Fishing
Mr Abdifatah Ibrahim Rashid Elected as Speaker by 128 Votes
British Foreign Secretary, Mr. William Hague, Meets TFG Officials
TFG Demands Resignation Amid Corruption Charges
UK to Host London Conference on Somalia in February
TFG Approves $3M Water Project for Somaliland
Sharif Hassan Urges Madobe to Resign in Exchange for Cash
New Speaker Madobe Calls for Unity, Fistfights Occur - NSC Opposes Election
Women and Minority Clans Not Fully Represented Despite Parliamentary Reform
Fistfights Break Out, Overshadowing UN-backed Reconciliation Conference
UN Conference May Reveal New Winners and Losers In 2012 Somalia
Governor of Dhusamreeb Discusses Strategy Against Al-Shabaab
Political Rivalry Intensifies over Ouster of the House Speaker
285 MPs Attended, 280 Supported New Speaker, 3 Rejected
Pledges to Wipe Out Al-Shabaab; Condemns Al-Shabaab Incitement
PM Discusses UN Roadmap, Visit to Qatar and Kuwait
Somalia's Latest Breakaway Region Elects a President
Hawiye Clan Seen as Establishing Bulwark, Security First Concern
No-Confidence Vote Expected in a Few Days
Galmadug President
Rift With President Over Bravery Awards
TFG and UN Discuss Somalia's Child Soldiers in Mogadishu Meeting
First Official Visit to Semi Autonomous Region by US Ambassador Swan
Dubai Based 'Just Solution' Created Fake Passports After Contract Cancelled
Street Lights Work, but Fighting Still Rages in the Capital
Some Soldiers Get Paid for August and September but Not October
MPs Say Mahiga Wants to Carve Somalia into Mini-States
Wage Shortage Leads to Robbing of Civilians
MSF Blames Kenya for Killing Civilians
After Back and Forth Finger Wagging, Somalia and Kenya Present a United Front
Plea for Help Comes Amid Rising Insecurity
Kenya Denies Troops in Somalia but Pledges Support
Waddani Party is the Fourth in the Breakaway State
But Somaliland President Rubbishes Calls To Reunite
Speaker Faces Protesters in Minnesota
3,000 More Troops Expected From Djibouti and Sierra Leone
Old Document To Be Replaced with Electronic Passport
Premiers Discuss Security and Humanitarian Crisis
Both Sides Agree to Stop Fighting in Garsoor District
Dr. Hirsi Aw Mohamed Elected as Chairman
Former Al-Shabaab Base Scene of Jubilation
Order for Mogadishu Begins Immediately, Lasts for 3 Months
Visit Aims To Lure Chinese Investors
UN-TFG Tries to Hammer Out Plans for Consultative Conference
Maps Used as a 'Weapon of Political Propaganda'
Week-Long Meeting to Resolve Clan Disputes, Elect New Leaders
Move Comes After Former Nominee Rejected Job Due to Al-Shabaab Threat
Gal-Mudug Says PM Abdiweli Should Have Consulted Regional Administrations
New Team In Line With Kampala Accord
Al-Shabaab Takes Minister for Women From Jowhar
PM Threatens to Resign as Kampala Accord at Risk
Agreement That Saw PM Farmajo Forced Out Now Law
Exclusive Interview with ASWJ Chairman Sheikh Mohamed Yusuf Hefow
Call for AMISOM Boost, Blockade of Insurgent Ports
Deal To Fight Terrorism and Promote Trade
Ethiopia Trying to Remain Relevant in Somali Power Games
Complaints Latest Sign of Mini-State Concerns
Speaker Fears Losing Control of Parliament
New Man Now to Form Cabinet
Reportedly Unhappy With Government Cooperation as Security Worsens
New Premier Will Need to Adapt to Survive Two Sharifs Squabble
Move to Assure Community Over Criminality, Piracy
Nominated to Take Over from Farmajo
Next Round of Battles Begins Over Acting Premier
Resignation Paves Way For New Cabinet, Election Delay
Accused of Nepotism and Corruption
Farmajo Defies President, Speaker Agreement
President Vows to Defeat Terrorist and Warns Protesters
Tit-For-Tat Move
Demonstrators Killed, Hotels and Cars Attacked Over Premier Resignation
Kampala Accord Less Likely to Resolve Standoff
Farmajo Asked to Resign as Part of Deal to Postpone Polls
Speaker Offers to Withdraw Election Opposition for Power Sharing Deal
Power Sharing Mooted to End Political Crisis
Blasts Lawmakers Who Spend All Their Time Abroad
TFG Leaders Ordered to Remain in Uganda Until Election Rift Settled
Political Sqabbling Between Speaker and President Continues
Uganda President Threatens to Withdraw Troops if TFG Leaders Keep Bickering
Lack of Invitation, Safety, Relevance are Cited as Major Reasons
One TFG Soldier Killed for Refusing to Obey Orders to Stop and Surrender Weapon
AG Barre Accused of Supporting Speaker Over President, Accomplishing Little
Finance and Information Ministers Deny AP Allegations of Misuse of Gov't Funds
Peace, Security, and Rifts Dominate Somalia-UN Conference in Nairobi
President Farole Beginning Major Reshuffle to Clean up Government
Sheikh Yusuf Criticized State's 20th Anniversary Celebrations
Controversy Over August Elections Remains
Source Says UN-Sponsored Talks Due in Nairobi
Licenses, Plates Needed for City's Untrained Drivers
Speaker Hassan Criticizes NSC Decision to Prevent MPs from Traveling to Nairobi
MPs Report They Were Beaten, Harassed in Attempt to Attend Meeting in Nairobi
Says State Underperforming
MPs Accuse President and PM of Working with Al-Shabaab, Misusing Funds
TFG Spokesman Says TFG Wants to Resolve Crisis
Official Says Separation Demand Imminent
Gun Battle First Sign of Conflict Over New State
International Community Needs To Provide Urgent Aid
Crisis Prompts Fears of Latest Failed Government
Two Regions Claim Same Territory
Hassan Gearing up for Presidential Bid
Parliament Still Opposed to 2012 Polls
An Interview with Sheikh Aden Madobe
Buying Weapons from al-Shabaab and TFG to Fight al-Shabaab
Speaker Hassan Making Waves, Calls For Elections
Calls Rogue Speaker Hassan “A New Regime”
UN Peace Meeting Gets Underway Amid Fears of ASWJ, TFG Splits
Despite Boycott, Speaker Attends UN Sponsored Conference in Nairobi
Group Wants To Hold Own Peace Meeting
Beating In Context of Disputed SSC Region
Marchers Say UN Conference Should Be Held In Mogadishu
Says Regional States Won't Lead To More Conflict
Prime Minister Farmajo Asks UN To Move From Nairobi Within 90 Days
Government Is Somalia's Best Yet, Says Farah
Analysts Fear Fracturing Could Stoke Conflict
Kenya-Backed Move Seen As Key To Border Security
New Marine Force Provides Security and Vehicles For Drought Relief
Government Calls For Education Programmes
Somaliland Foreign Minister Talks to Somalia Report
Ambassador Mahiga Visits Puntland To Discuss Politics, Drought, Pirates
Hassan Returns To Mogadishu, Praises Military Offensive
Disease And Weakness Affects Pastoral Activities
Understanding The Challenges And Distribution
Legislators Ask International Community For Help To Defeat Militants
An Exclusive Interview With Judge Ahmed Sheikh Ali
Interview with Somali Politician Mahamed Abdullahi
Garbaharey, Bardhere and Jubba Regions Are Next Targets
Prof Ahmed Mumin Warfa Seeks to Replace President Sharif
Somali MP Tells Somalia Report That Victory Has Not Yet Been Achieved
Ambassador Mahiga Wraps Up Somalia Visit
Ambassador Mahiga Meets with Somali President
Government, UN officials, Business Leaders, and Elders Attend Meeting
Four Day Conference Concludes in Nairobi
Dueling Press Conferences Highlight Division in TFG's Three Year Self-Extension
North East Puntland Coastal Community Tells Pirates To Clear Out Of Town
Family Begs for Help for Popular Businessman in Kismayo
Kismayo (File Photo)
©Somalia Report
Kismayo (File Photo)

Concerns are growing over the fate of a 44 year old Somali-Danish man who is being held by al-Shabaab militants in southern Somalia for allegedly spying.

Mohamed Abdullahi Hajji Hussein (known as Shotayo) was picked from one of his business premises in the port city of Kismayo on April 21 of this year by heavily armed hooded militant fighters after accusing him of espionage.

Reliable sources within al-Shabaab told Somalia Report that Hussein might soon be executed. Similar information was leaked to Hussein’s family, who are now pleading with the militant group to spare his life.

“Hussein will be executed soon...that is for sure....because we established that he was spying on the Mujahideens. He will soon be made a victim of his own...

Somalia Report Interviews Former al-Shabaab Detainee
TFG Evicts Squatters from Mogadishu's Hamarweyne Market
Forget the Court, Police Take Matters into Their Own Hands
15 Locals Arrested in Kismayo, Others Threatened
Convicts Found Guilty of Murder and Robbery Offences
Will Fighters Stay or Return Home?
UN Accuses Eritrea of Supporting Islamic Insurgents
Two young men who stole livestock were punished by al-Shabaab
Arrests In Connection With Killing of NGO Worker
Attack Seemingly 'A Crime of Passion'
The Victim Received 100 Strokes of The Cane
Victim Allegedly Refused to Pay Toll Fees
Accused of Praying Too Loudly
Pair Convicted of Murder
Government Cracks Down in Wake of Al-Shabaab Departure
Barre Hirale Leaves Ethiopian Controlled Dolow Under Curious Circumstances
Colonel Barre Hirale
Colonel Barre Hirale

Fomer Somali Defense Minister, Member of Parliament and warlord, Colonel Barre Adan Shire (Barre Hirale), yesterday left Ethiopian 'custody' in Dolow and made his away to El Wak (Ceel-waaq) in Gedo region, which is under the control of Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF).

Hirale, also the former leader of Juba Valley Alliance (JVA), has been in Dolow, home to an Ethiopian training camp in southern Somalia bordering...

Omar Hammami (Abu Mansoor "al-Amriki") Spotted in Kismayo
Analysts Warn While Shabaab Lost Militarily, They Remain an Ideological Threat
4 Suspected Insurgents Fleeing Djibouti Suspected Insurgents
Deceased Are Regional Khat Dealers
Joint TFG & Kenyan Press Release Denies Officers Were Detained
8 Thought Dead, 15 Injured
TFG MP Complains While Army Spokesman Denies Detention of 3 TFG Officers
Three Day Conference To Discuss Strategies Against Piracy
12 Somaliland MPs Accused of Dissent
Accuses WHO, UNICEF, Relief Int'l, and SOFHA of Corruption
Arms Traders Suspected of Supporting Galgala Militia
Rout Underway or Old Muj Ambush Trick?
TFG, Ethiopian Forces Advance in Bay and Bakol Regions
20 Al-Shabaab Suspects Also Arrested in Massive Security Operation in Mogadishu
TFG-KDF and Ras Kamboni Seize Dalayad and Wadajir Villages
Abdiqaadir Mohamed Salaad (Dr. Faaris) Shot Dead
Beledweyne Residents Complain of Ethiopia's Imposed Rules
Shot MP Was Supporter of Deposed Speaker
300 Arrested On Weapons Charges
Djibouti to Join AMISOM
Principals Forced to Add Jihad to Curriculum in Middle Shabelle
TFG and Ras Kamboni Forces Kill 14 Militants in Lower Juba
MPs Also Criticize Somalia's Parliament Speaker
TFG Policy Requires Vehicle Tags; Al-Shabaab Sees Tags as Sign of Illegitimacy
Al-Shabaab in Elasha Biyaha Orders "Lights Out" for Fear of Attack
Fighters Complain of Forced Marriages, Lack of Food
Rift Breaks Out Among Al-Shabaab Leaders in Jowhar District of Middle Shabele
Three Foreigners Snatched from Kenya Remain Hostages of Somali Abductors
Boat Carrying 7 Men, AK-47s, RPGs, Ammo Likely Intended for Al-Shabaab
Bishaar Abdullahi Nur Killed Over 70 People in Mogadishu with Truck Bomb
Residents Finally Free to Listen to Music, Talk to Girls, and Dance
A Who's Who Look at Somalia's Warlords
Despite Risks, Soldiers and Kids Strike Deal to Help Each Other
Some Traders Claim Militants Set Fire to Force Move Back to Bakara Market
Militants Demand Money for Release and Order Women to Buy New Clothes
ASWJ Demands Registration for Private Vehicles and Weapons
Attack of the Bombastics
Godane Opposes Aid Agencies, Robow Pulls Troops from Mogadishu
Low Flying Jets Spotted Over Kismayo and Merka Sparking Fear in Residents
Somali Institute for Management and Admn Development Becomes a University
13 Militants Defect to TFG in Mogadishu and Gedo
Illegally Detained Civilians in Middle Shabelle Report Abuse by Militants
Marehan Elders to Negotiate with Ethiopia to Release General Bare Hirale
Overseas Clerics Undermining Al-Shabaab's Struggle
Street Kids Struggle To Survive Amid Violence
Mogadishu Girls Pursue Dream Amid Violence, Threats
Fear of Al-Shabaab Hangs Over Advocacy Event
Poverty Striken Sellers Earn Livelihood Despite Expense, Risk, Addiction
Militants Bans Device Fearing it Makes Them Vulnerable to Missile Attacks
Drivers Frustrated by Lack of Repairs, Rushing Waters, Narrow Passes
Frontline Passageway To Bakara Whistles With Bullets
USAID Discusses Insecurity, Corruption, Radicalization with Eastleigh Residents
Ahlusunna Waljama'a Executes Teenager For Alleged Links To Al Shabaab
Traders Ordered To Find Alternative Income Within 2 Months
The Love Story of Elmi Bondheri and Hodhan Abdi
Despite Hardship, Somalia's Team Presses On At All African Games
Leadership Struggles Remain
Somali National Women's Organization Offers Support
Football Tournament Underway in Mogadishu
Mogdishu Businesses Shift From Bakara To Hamar Weyne
New Packaged Message is "We Are Not A Failed State"
160 Religious Students Forced To Quit Lessons
No Escape From Daily Horrors
Investigation Reveals Arms Embargo Group Against Land-Based Effort
by Mohamed Olad Hassan for Somalia Report
Corruption Plagues Turkish Scholarship Program
Somali Students
© Somalia Report, all rights reserved
Somali Students
Complaints over corruption cases in the ministries of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia have been on the rise, as many people are concerned over fraud, particularly within the Ministry of Education.

Students from the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland, in particular, have decried corruption that they claim is present in the awarding of Turkish educational scholarships.

The Turkish government, which seems to have made the re-building of the Somali capital a national mission, has awarded hundreds of scholarships for Somali students to study in Turkish educational institutions.

After having passed local examinations administered by Turkish, TFG, and Somaliland officials in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, the 60 students have come to Mogadishu to receive the fruits of their studies.

Zamzam Du’alle is one...

Militants Force Arabic-Only Studies, Segregated Classes, and Kidnap Boys
Deal To Last 49 Years, Aims at Developing Somalia's Education System
Alleged Killers of Journalist Hassan Osman Arrested
Hassan Osman Abdi, AKA 'Hassan Fantastic'
photo of Hassan Osman, from his FB profile
Hassan Osman Abdi, AKA 'Hassan Fantastic'
In the wake of the brutal slaying of Radio Shabelle director Hassan Osman "Fantastic" on Saturday, the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) launched an investigation in Mogadishu's Wadajir district that today yielded four suspects.

Hussein Omar Sabriye, a TFG security officer in Wadajir, gave a short statement to the media, in which he claimed that the government had captured Mr. Osman's killers.

“We have successfully captured four men who had a hand in the killing of the journalist. Two of them admitted to the killing, and we are still interrogating the remaining two men.”

“We captured these four men from Nasteh (a neighborhood in Wadajir) with their guns, and now they are in the jail in Wadajir district. Everyone is welcome to come see them,” Mr. Sabriye added.

Yesterday, TFG president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed accused al-Shabaab insurgents of killing the...

Tensions are High in Somaliland as Clans Threaten To Break Away
Once Free Environment Becoming Risky, Say Journalists
Journalists Accused of Inaccurate Stories About Militia
Detention Comes Hot on Heels of Similar Puntland Move
Faysal Mohamed Hassan Jailed for Writing 'Anti-Puntland' News
Arrest Latest in Long Line of Journalist Harassment in Somalia
Journalism Students and Teachers Jailed in Continued Media Oppression
Al-Shabaab Main Target of Cartoonists
Al-Shabaab Unimpressed With Former Minister's Efforts
TFG Accused Of Targeting Media
Breaking News
Assassins Unknown; Follows Five Days After Assassination of Jama Ali Shire
A convoy of 40 trucks deliver water to remote regions in Puntland
A convoy of 40 trucks deliver water to remote regions in Puntland
Armed men assassinated a Puntland official and injured his driver, in the disputed Taleh district of Sool region on Saturday, according to eyewitnesses who spoke with Somalia Report.

Keyse Abdisalam Musse, a representative of Puntland’s finance ministry for the Sool region, was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen while he was leaving a local restaurant. He was returning to his office in Tukaraq village, 50 km far away from Garowe, the capital city of the semi-autonomous region of Puntland.

Sugulle Abdullahi, an eyewitness, told Somalia Report by phone that Musse and his driver were injured and taken to the hospitals in Garowe city to receive treatment, but that Musse died from the injuries and his body was buried in Garowe.

The driver of the deceased official was admitted to a local...